Blogmas Day 9 – Manchester Christmas Markets!!

Hey guys! So there are 16 days until Christmas and the countdown continues! Festivity flows down streets and floods towns such as… Manchester!!

Many of you may know or of heard about the Manchester Christmas Markets, they are markets in central Manchester that are set up each year around Christmas time. Many stalls stand side by side selling many goodies! From warm chocolate crepes to gorgeous Christmas gifts! I visited these beautiful markets yesterday with my best friend and took some pictures to share with you guys! I took over 80 pictures… oopps! So I have selected just a few to share but if you wish to see more they may pop up on my Instagram feed so head over there and follow me!


This was a super cute Christmas tree where you could donate a pound to Charity and then write a wish a stick it on the tree!










We stopped off at a lovely cafe that make the most delicious chocolate cinnamon rolls ever tasted!


Hope you guys enjoyed looking through these pictures! Let me know where your favourite place to go at this time of the year is in the comments!



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