Hey guys!!

So my birthday is coming up super soon so I thought I’d do a little birthday/current wishlist as I haven’t done a wishlist for a while and thought I could relate it to my birthday which is super soon!! Just 22 days away!!

First of all is the 3 products I really want from Lush’s Christmas collection! I mean I would love all the Christmas collection but specifically these 3! the Holly Golightly which is £4.95,  the Candy Mountain which is £2.95, I bought this one last year and it was amazing, I was gutted when I went back to re-purchase it to find out it was only for Christmas time but now its back! And I’d also love to have the Rose Jam Shower Gel which is £4.95 because I absolutely love this scent from Lush such as the rose Jam bubble bar which I have almost finished!

Next is a few pieces from Superdrug! I’ve fallen in love with a new brush collection which is the Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection C301 for £14.99  THEY ARE ROSE GOLD AND I LOVE ROSE GOLD!! I have also recently began purchasing some good quality brushes so I’d love to add these to my collection!

The next 2 superdrug items I’d like is by my all time fave Zoella!! I’d like the Zoella Blissful Mistful Solid Fragrance which is £5.00 because it’s super compact and easy to carry around plus I can make myself smell nice when I stop in public toilets to check on my hair/make up and I won’t feel awkward when it’s quite and I start spraying a body spray haha! Also I need a bigger case for my makeup essentials so the Zoella Rose Gold Vanity Case would be great for that and it’s rose gold which is a plus! That is £15.00!!

The next 3 items are high end products that I’ve wanted for a while, first of all is the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara which is £19.50 because I’ve tried the sample version which is pretty much all gone now and I haven’t had a chance to purchase the full sized one!

The next high end beauty product I have wanted for such a long time is the MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick!!  This is £15.50… I know… for a lipstick?! But it is MAC!! It’s such a gorgeous nude tone I’d love it!!

Last but not least is the Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette!! This is £23.00 and one of the first few Urban Decay Naked palettes, It’s got simple, neutral everyday tones in it and I would love this to use on a daily basis for natural looks!

And one fashion item I really want is Black Shearling Lined Shopper Bag from New Look which is £19.99. Sometimes after college I will pass new look and go inside to take a look around and I have recently come across this really nice bag which I would love for college!

That is my current/Birthday wishlist…


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! I’ll post again sooooon!!



Mid-Fall Haul!!


UGH! I try to be more productive with my blog and then as I go to upload this post it deletes all the content in it! Very annoyed but anyway I shall have to do it again…

So on monday I had a 3 hour free during my college day rather than 2 hours because my english lesson was cancelled, YAY!! That meant I may have, kinda, sort of emptied my bank account… but it was all for a good cause!! My makeup items!! haha! Anyhow I decided to share with you guys what I purchased and do a little mid-fall haul!!


So first of all, as per usual, I went into superdrug!! I have ran out of foundation so I decided to pick up some more. I didn’t pick up my holy grail foundation which as you know is the Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation, instead I picked up the lasting finish as match perfection is no longer much of a holy grail foundation. As much as I still really love it and recommend it I prefer the lasting finish now as I have purchased it once before and decided to re-purchase it because as obvious as it is, It lasts longer!! I also picked up the foundation powder version as well to set the liquid foundation and I haven’t used a matching powder and foundation for a while so I decided to give them both a go!


Next I went into new look!! I absolutely love this store at the moment, they have so many perfect pieces especially for fall!! However it is super pricey for me but I did pick up this lovely jumper and have worn it twice already! It’s super soft, comfy and warm! When all my friends are complaining about being cold I’m super warm in this jumper and I love the shade of it!


Having no matching pairs of earrings at the moment I decided to take a look around the jewellery section and pick some up! I wanted a set where I could match up simple studs with a more statement kind of earring as I have 2 holes in each ear so the statement one could go in the bottom hole and the stud in the top! This set was perfect for that and I have already been wearing them and I love them!



Whilst in the jewellery area I could not resist this gorgeous, rose gold necklace!! I tried to get a close up picture as it didn’t come out as nice a shade on camera but it is far more beautiful in real life and I would wear it with a plain white tee-shirt so that it stands out more!!

It isn’t a lot but my bank account has emptied, hopefully I will pick up some more stuff on payday this week!! Perhaps the new real technique brushes which I am in love with and desperate for!!

Hope you guys enjoy this blog post!! Let me know in the comments what your favourite item from this haul is!!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!!


September Favourites!!

Hey guys!! No way is it October already!! It only just hit me that I need to do my September favourites! I’m usually one for getting my monthly favourites up super early but as I’m still adjusting to college lifestyle it completely flew my mind! Anyhow I have remembered and got together a few things I have been loving this month so lets begin!


First of all I must say gel liner is my new found lover this month! At the start of September or maybe even late August, after months of contemplating I finally picked up the gel liner I have been looking into for a while!! Rimmel Scandalyes Waterproof Gel Liner, I have absolutely been loving it my eyeliner is so much more pigmented and very bold! It’s not the easiest for a wing but after drawing my wing shape with regular eyeliner I go over it with the gel to make it more bold and it looks absolutely gorgeous!!


My second beauty favourite has to be this lovely contour palette by makeup revolution!! I previously tried out the Bourjois bronzer and highlighting duo which featured in a previous favourites however I now really dislike it and im so glad I came across this amazing super affordable contour palette by my go to drugstore brand!! The bronzer is very strong and blends so well it’s high end quality! The highlighter highlights perfectly and I don’t really use the blusher but it’s quite bronze toned rather than pink toned. I definitely give this palette a 9/10 it’s a must have especially for £3.50!!


My final beauty favourite is my real techniques core collection brush set, I was lucky enough to get this for half the price at £10.99 when boots had an offer on! I did mention it in my August Favourites but that was just specifically one of the brushes but over the full month of September I have used every single brush and they are amazing specifically the foundation brush!! I have always stuck to using sponges for applying my foundation and in the past year I have stuck to using the real techniques miracle complexion sponge because I have always disliked foundation brushes but I thought I would give this one a try and I am so glad I did, I haven’t gone back to my sponge since! The brush gives such amazing long lasting coverage and a beautiful glow! I prefer blending in my concealer with this too as it conceals for longer and applies it so much better than how I have previously applied it! But all in all the full brush kit is amazing and definitely worth the price!

That is my beauty favourites complete! I know it isn’t a lot but they are the only 3 things I have been loving before that isn’t anything I have mentioned in previous favourites!

My fashion favourites would be everything in my College/Fall Mini Haul blog post so be sure to check that out!

Last but not least is my music favourites!

The first song has to be Rachel Platten – Fight Song its so deep and meaningful I love it!! and my second has to be Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated its such a tune and really puts me in a good mood so be sure to check them out!!

I don’t really have a TV favourite this month I’m still watching the same shows I always have but a new season of Once Upon A Time has finally begun so I am super excited about that, the first episode was amazing!!

That is my September Favourites…


Hope you guys enjoyed an insight into all I have been loving the past month!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!


College/Fall Mini Haul!!

Hey guys!! Okay so just before I started college about 3 weeks ago, I went on a little shopping dress to pick up some clothing for college/fall because all I really had was summer dresses and I wanted some new cute and comfy clothes that will keep me warm when the colder weather comes in!! And yes, I said colder because as we know the weather in the UK is usually somewhat slightly cold!! So without further ado i will begin with the haul!!


First of all, as usual, I went into Primark!! I had a bit of a browse and eventually picked up this black and white checkered shirt!! I absolutely love this because it’s so student-like and so me!! I picked it up in a slightly bigger size so that i could get away with wearing it with tights and this is now one of my favourite outfits!! I can also create 2 looks with it because if I wear it with black skinny jeans and a black vest top it works perfectly as a flannel!! And this lovely top/shirt was only £10!!


Next I came across this midi roll neck jumper. I was hesitant to pick it up at first but I went back for it and I am so glad I did!! It’s perfect for the fall/winter weather especially the fact that it has a roll neck because then there’s no need to purchase a winter scarf!! It’s soooo comfortable and is also another favourite inside my wardrobe now!! This also was just £10!!


Last but not least I needed a pair of everyday shoes that will match almost every outfit and what would go better than black and white canvas shoes?! I purchased these from select last year and they lasted me a whole year but I needed some new ones for college so I grabbed these as soon as I saw them for the bargain price of £6!! These go with all the above outfits and 99% of all the outfits I own so they’re perfect and just what I need!! They may look a little worn now but that’s because I’ve worn them almost everyday since I purchased them!

Hope you guys loved my mini haul! Let me know in the comments your favourite piece from these!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!


2015 Fall Wishlist!!


Hey guys!! Okay so we are now officially approaching fall, well with the weather in the UK we may as well say it’s already here, I’ve certainly been dressing for it!

So in fall I love wearing cute comfy jumpers, suttle shades and cute boots! This is my current wishlist as I haven’t posted one in quite a while! Hope you enjoy this post!!

I love the comfy khaki colours, the cute jumpers especially the faux fur poncho! The skirt is something I have been wanting for a while now it looks super cute with a cute T-shirt tucked into it! and the ASOS high waisted jeans are just what I’ve been looking for! Below is where you can find everything in these favourites if you love them just like I do!

Well I am definitely looking forward to my next wage!!

Khaki Zip Front Shirt Dress £19.99 new look

Black Ribbed Effortless T-Shirt £7.99 new look

Black Never Basic Cropped Sweater £12.99 new look

Khaki Zip Space Dye Top £19.99 new look

Stone Faux Fur Trim Poncho £24.99 new look

Black Mini Skirt £3 primark

Marl Roll Neck Cape £11.99 select

ASOS High Waist Stretch Treggings £22.00

Katherine Oversized Jumper boohoo £15

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

I’ll post again soon lovelies



Hey guys! So recently my friend introduced me to an app called Polyvore, I have really been enjoying the app so I decided to do a blog post explaining it and to show you guys a few things I have created on it!

So on polyvore you can create outfit boards, You can search through the following categories:

  • Tops
  • Outerwear
  • Dresses
  • Jeans
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Shorts
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Jewellery
  • Beauty
  • Plus Size

There are also homewear options to create a homewear ideas board but I’m only going to talk about the beauty and fashion side in this post!!

In the categories you can search for those items and it will tell you how much they are and where you can buy them from which is really helpful when you browse other peoples posts!  Once you have created them there is easy options to then share them on pinterest, instagram, twitter and even wordpress!! It’s so simple and easy to use!

Below you can see the outfit ideas I have created so far and I browsed the beauty area to create a get the makeup look for a smokey eye look!

College outfit idea!!
classy comfort!!
how I smokey eye!!

how I smokey eye!! by desire4beauty featuring an eyeliner

I hope this post inspires you guys to head over to polyvore and make some outfits and makeup look ideas! You can find my profile here!!

Thank you for reading!

Collective Haul!!

Hey guys!! So this was supposed to originally be a shopping haul of a few pieces I picked up from a trip to the Trafford Centre but I’ve done some more shopping since so I guess it’s more of a collective haul now!!

First of all are a few pieces from going to the Trafford Centre!


First of all I went into H&M!! As i start college in September I have been looking for a bag for quite a while now! I came across a really pretty rose gold one previously in New Look but I was slightly hesitant because rose gold won’t go with every outfit! However in H&M I found THE perfect bag!! As you can see above it pretty much has a checklist on it that suits me perfectly! Now I won’t forget a thing! It’s also black and white so I can wear it with every outfit and it’s the right size for my college essentials! I picked up this must have for just £15!!


Next I headed to an American Candy store, I won’t talk too much about this as you’ll hear more about it in an upcoming blog post but you can see above the delicious things I purchased from there!



I then popped into Waterstones and came across a selection of 3 little books, 2 of which were about friendship and confidence. It took me a while to decided which one to get but I eventually decided to buy the little book of confidence! It’s full of advice on how to become more confident as a person and some really good quotes!!

Moving onto my recent purchases! These are all from home bargains, I love this store as they do such amazing products at such affordable prices!! I wouldn’t have thought I would come across these purchases at that store!


First of all I picked up this canvas/frame kinda thing. I have a little obsession with quotes and this one is similar to my  on my blog that says “nothing holds more beauty than a smile” I believe that a smile is the most beautiful thing and everyone should be aware of it! I am moving house soon so I picked up this canvas as I definitely want it in my new room!!


Next I came across some more supplies perfect for college! I picked up these 2 notebooks that were just 99p each! I can’t be the only one that wants super cute and pretty stationary for college! I picked up these 2 pretty notebooks to start off my selection of notebooks for college! I did come across similar ones recently in WHSmith but these were far cheaper!!


And from my most recent shopping trip I picked up the gorgeous Real Techniques Core Collection which is usually £21.99 but it was down to £10.99!! I couldn’t say know especially having previously purchased one of their brushes for that price here I’m getting 4!! They were selling like hot cakes I grabbed them as soon as I saw them!!!


And last but not least I re-purchased the Soap And Glory Supercat Eyeliner, I always have love/hate relationships with eyeliners I can never find the right one for me I’m always switching, swapping and trying out new ones but this is the longest I’ve stuck to one eyeliner! I’m really loving this and will hopefully do a review on it soon as to why!!

That wasn’t much compared to what I’d usually by from 3 different shopping trips but that is the haul complete!! I start work again soon so hopefully my bank account will begin to fill up and I can have a good splurge!!

I’ll post again sooon!!!


Prom Essentials!!


Hey guys!! Soooo if you have read my previous posts you’ll know it is my high school prom tomorrow!! I am super excited for this, it’s going to be a night to remember!!

In this post I am going to show you guys what I think are prom essentials, the things you must definitely have in your prom bag/clutch to get you through the night and help you enjoy every moment!!

First of all are the most obvious, your camera and phone, the camera is definitely required to create and remember the amazing memories you will create! Get a cute picture with your date and friends and teachers! One day you can look back on these, maybe make a scrapbook out of them? You won’t regret it! So do not forget your camera! and the phone is needed because lets be honest? a phone is an essential everywhere you go! Plus you can make so many memories of the night on snapchat and watch back on them the next morning and see the amazing night you had!

Chewing Gum/Mints – an essential to keep your breath smelling great all night!

The next few essentials are to keep your face looking photogenic all night and keep that face flawless!!

Concealer – This is needed just in case your original application of concealer begins to fade so you can top it up with some more and keep your under eyes bright and those bags hidden!

Powder – Again, like the concealer you will need this for a top up when your powder/foundation begins to fade as it will be a long night!

Brushes – Obviously you will need to correct brushes to apply/blend the concealer and powder.

Comb – To keep your hair untangled!

Hand Cream – To keep your hands moisturized, this is always an essential in my general handbag anyway!

So they are the few essentials for a prom night and what I will be taking with me! If you have your prom coming up soon I do hope you enjoy it! Let me know in the comments what your number 1 essential is for when you go to prom or big parties!


Summer Wishlist!I

summer wishlist

Hey guys! I haven’t done a wishlist in a while! So here are the things I currently want for summer but can’t afford yet so I decided to share them with my lovely blog readers!

First of all is the Jersey Dress With A Collar this is £14.99 from H&M! I adore this dress it is so cute! I recently tried it on at the store but didn’t purchase it as it had foundation stains on the collar and they are all out of stock when I looked online 😦 so I have to keep checking out their website to see when they get it in stock because I will definitely be getting it!

I really really really want the Urban Decay Naked Basics Eye Shadow Palette! It has gorgeous everyday nude shades in it and unlike the other naked palettes I know I will use all these shades! It is currently £19.16 at Debenhams which is so much less than it used to be! So hopefully I will purchase this soon!

How gorgeous is Real Techniques bold metals collection?!?! I would get every brush if I could! but unfortunately they aren’t cheap! and it is rose gold! who doesn’t love rose gold?!?! although I don’t wear blusher often I really want the Tapered Blush Brush as I think I will use it for other things such as precisely getting bronzing powder where I want it when contouring! It is £24.00 though! That is more than the naked basics! If I had a regular job I would own these! but I don’t so for now they can stay on my wishlist haha!

I have wanted these for so long now! The Frends Layla Headphones In Rose Gold these are £140 from Urban Outfitters which I think is worth it! Just like the brush they are are rose gold!!!! However I can’t currently afford them but hopefully I will be able to soon or I will get them for my birthday in a few months!

The Urban Outfitter’s Geo Sipper Cup is super cute! It’s basically a mason jar without the handle! I love the effect on the glass and the colour! I really want one of these for when I start college! It £12 as well which is worth it! Hopefully I will pick one up during my college shopping spree!

Let me know in the comments one thing you guys really want at the moment! I’ll post again lovelies!


*Spooky Eyes Coloured Contacts!


Hey guys! I’ve been lucky to be able to work with a great brand named Spooky Eyes, I was able to choose a sample from their website so i chose these Blue Cat Eye Contact Lenses. I have never wore contacts before so I was quite afraid to put them in and procrastinated for a while but my friend who is also a blogger has used contacts multiple times so she used them and let me tell you they looked absolutely amazing! It was the most realistic thing I have seen, they look like real cat eyes! She loved them and I thought they look so good!


You should definitely head over to the Spooky Eyes Website and browse their wide range of amazing contact lenses from coloured to daisy patterned you’ll be spoiled for choice! Another pair that I think look quite nice are the Aqua Blue Daisy Contact Lenses! Check them out and let me know which ones’ you like!!