Blogmas Day 8 – Gift Guide: For Her!!

Throughout the festivity on many YouTube and blogging platforms I am sure you will have seen gift guides pop up here and there, I was quite hesitant at doing a gift guide as I wasn’t sure how I’d put the post together and whether I’d like the way it looked on my blog because I can be a real perfectionist with presentation and I like my blog to look as professional as I can possibly make it (even if it isn’t as professional as I would like it to be) anyway without straying off topic I have basically, as you can see, changed my mind and decided to do a gift guide for her! and maybe, if your lucky, I may also do one for him! So if you have a mother, daughter, friend or partner who is female and you are not sure on what to get them then hopefully this post will help you pick out the best gifts and they’re all under £10!

product_gift_winter_the_night_before_christmasproduct_gift_winter_little_snow_fairysecret santa lush

First of all is 3 great, limited edition Christmas gift sets from Lush Cosmetics! Every girl loves a pamper session every once in a while and what better way to do it than with Lush?! In these 3 different gift sets there are various scents and products that many girls would love to receive for Christmas and the best part is you don’t even have to do any wrapping either!

First of all is The Night Before Christmas, this includes the intergalactic bath bomb and a snow angel bath melt for just £9.95, it is perfect for those, like myself, that love to indulge in Lush’s fine selection of bath bombs, bath melts and bubble bars rather than soaps, shampoos and other products. Many of the gift sets have the odd bath product but soaps and shampoo bars where as this is just 2 bath products so it would be great to someone that loves relaxing in the bath regularly!

Next is the Little Snow Fairy, this does not include bath products although the  Pink fun can be used in the bath, this is bath play dough that can be used to create and mould fun shapes in the bath and you can dissolve it in the water and make your bath smell great! The little snow fairy also includes the Snow fairy shower gel which smells heavenly! Although I personally would prefer to receive bath bombs or bubble bars I would not mind this as snow fairy has to be one of my favourite Lush scents! and this gift is just £8.50!

Last but not least is the Lush Secret Santa gift set. This is another gift box perfect for bath lovers who love the Christmas spirit! It includes the dashing Santa bath bomb and the peeping Santa bubble bar which is great as a bubble bar can be used multiple times so you can get more baths out of it! This gift box is just £9.95 and would look great waiting under the Christmas tree to give someone the chance to have a nice relaxing bath after the long day of partying or perhaps the morning after!

All of the products mentioned can be purchased individually if you would like to mix and match but the prices will vary if you order various ones separately.


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Moving on to some bargains I found in Superdrug!

Firstly another one for the bath lovers! These Spa Indulgent Floating Candles are the ideal essentials to relax and unwind! I personally would love these, I never even thought of them until I came across them in Superdrug and for the bargain price of £3! You definitely couldn’t go wrong with these as a gift for a woman and they would also make a great stocking filler!

Next is the Flutter Flower Lights, These would be great for perhaps a daughter or generally someone who loves decorating there room to make it look super cute! The lights are just £5 and would look adorable draped round a bed or around a dressing table!

Another cute gift for you daughter or a perfect stocking filler is the Sweet Snuggles Lip Balm Trio! They’re just what a girl needs at this time of the year with the weather getting cold and the dreaded chapped lips begin to become hard to hide but these lip balms would definitely come in handy! They’re only £2 a great idea of a gift for a friend too!



Moving on to more beauty related products for those makeup addicts you know there is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Brush Collection which is£8 and the I Heart Eye Shadow Slogan Palette Explicit Content for £7.99. I personally would love to receive either of these products but I am more favourable of the brushes! any makeup lover would adore these brushes, the super cute gold trip looks so pretty, they would be the perfect addition to anyone’s collection of makeup brushes!

The palette has a variety of great shades, the lighter shades and nudes for a natural look and the darker shades to get a smokey eye with also blues if you’re going for a more vibrant look! A girl couldn’t ask for more than a palette that allows them to access a variety of looks! Again it is the perfect gift for a makeup hoarder!


hmprod (1)

A small festive gift or stocking filler is these Printed Gloves from H&M for just £3.99! As the weather gets colder I keep forgetting to purchase some gloves when I am out so if you know anyone like me who needs gloves but never gets round to purchasing them then these would make a great gift! The graphology on them is so festive and also great for this time of the year!


Another one from H&M is this iPhone 5/5s Bumper which is also £3.99, It’s a small, cute, funny gift for perhaps a friend or secret Santa! It would also make a pretty good stocking filler, I know if I had the iPhone 5/5s I would definitely want to get my hands on this! If you know someone who loves Christmas then this would be an ideal gift for them!

And that is my gift guide complete! I hope anyone that has read this has found it useful! Also if you would like to win 1 of 5 £15 vouchers to spend at Luxemme then head over to this post, they could also make a great gift for her!

I’ll post again tomorrow! Let me know in the comments one thing you really want to receive this Christmas!



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