I suck at blogging…


Hey guys, just me again, 2 months after supposedly getting back to “blogging” and clearly i just suck at that! I promise I’ll get the hang of it soon, I am currently moving into a new apartment too which is taking longer than planned, ugh.

On the other hand, my favourite festive season has arrived! I’ve even got a Christmas tree before I get the keys to my new place… *inserts hand over eyes monkey emoji here* I’ve taken a trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets and survived the ice rink, just about… I’m loving this season so far!

The end of the year is upon us and I’ve had a lot to think about. Everyone starts talking about how the year has sucked and next year will be better but if I’m honest I can’t say it’s totally sucked. Yes I have had more than my fair share of lows but I have also had plenty of highs. I had the best holiday in the summer and my other half and are awaiting the keys for our first place together eekkk! Can’t wait to get decorating! So yes, I do have some treasured memories collated from this year as well as some I would love to have removed from my memory storage!

I’ll give you all an in depth post on how 2018 has gone for me after Christmas, lets not wish this year away just yet! Obviously I am not braving Blogmas this year, I mean c’mon I have barely blogged during the entire year but I will share my past Blogmas links each day on Twitter so make sure you are following me over on there.

As soon as I am settled in my new place, getting my flatlays on point, I promise, I will return!


Until next time.


Where the hell have I been!

beauty blogger

Over 1 year off the blogging scene…

Over 1 year where not a moment went by that I didn’t want to pick up my laptop and write…

A lot can happen in such a short space of time. My lack of blogging began as I entered exam season for my A Levels, I just about manged to push myself to study and thinking about blogging felt more like a chore, my heart was in the blog but I just couldn’t get my head in there too. My health deteriorating didn’t really help and to later find out I have a B12 deficiency explained a lot, I was drained, tired and unmotivated.

If you follow me on twitter you will see I am very active on there and I have published the odd Instagram post since I stopped blogging but I want to get back into the swing of things. My passion and desire are right there; Sometimes life gets in the way but hey ho, you can never let it keep you down.

I am back! I don’t want to throw myself into the deep end so I guess I will begin with occasional uploads that develop into regular uploads as I strengthen my blogging game again!

I love blogging, it was my place to put my whole passion into. My overwhelming love for makeup. I love writing, always have done. From the age of 7 I dreamt of becoming an author. There is something about writing I have loved since a very young age. Along the way I picked up a passion for makeup and photography. Put it all together and you have my blog!

So before I waffle on, I am back and I will be trying to upload once a week or at least once a fortnight. I have picked the perfect time of the year considering the clocks have gone back, my favourite season is here and there is tons to blog about! I now  work 9-5 which I have never done with blogging so that will be an experience, one I am kind of looking forward to, i think… haha!

Lets see how well I go, fingers crossed. Hopefully you reading this can help me out, pop some ideas in the comments of what posts you would like to see and I will take the ideas and turn them into a post.

Life always gets in the way of what you want most but if you want it enough you always find a way back to it.

Until next time…



2 years a blogger!


On January the 28th 2015 I published my very first blog post, little did I know 2 years later I would be sat here writing up my 2 year bloggiversary post with the 4k+ following I have gained throughout my time as a blogger. I am extremely lost for words if I’m honest, I don’t know where to begin I am just so grateful for everything I have achieved from brand deals to making many new friends in the blogging community.

I began blogging as a creative outlet for my passion for beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics. Over the past year this has narrowed down to more specifically beauty as not only my makeup collection but my makeup addiction has grown significantly! Blogging is my safety net, my own little space on the internet away from the troubles and calamities of daily life. It takes me away from the world for a short while whilst I dedicate time to writing up posts, taking photographs and editing them. Blogging is more than a hobby, it’s a part of me now and if it wasn’t for blogging I still would be unsure of what I want to do when I leave college.

My dream career is to be a makeup artist however whilst working towards that slowly I want to do something else first, not just to financially support me but I want it to be something I love. Like they say, if you find a job you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I am a firm believer of this saying and want to be in a job I love and have a passion for! University was definitely crossed off my list, I’m barely making it through college so I want out of solid education as soon as possible. I looked towards apprenticeships where you earn whilst you learn, sounded perfect to me! I discovered that social media and digital marketing apprenticeships are a thing! It links in very well with blogging and managing social media accounts professionally which is similar to what I do with my blog, I finally knew what I wanted to do when I leave college and all thanks to blogging, had I never blogged I probably wouldn’t have even looked in that direction.

In my first year of blogging I began a YouTube channel which after beginning college I took down due to the practicality of managing blogging, a YouTube channel and A levels. Deleting my channel is something I very much regret and I do hope to start it back up once I leave college so keep your eyes peeled for that! I stuck to blogging, I try my best to blog once a week or at times of demanding college work at least once a fortnight. Throughout my 2 years of blogging I have successfully completed blogmas not once but twice which is an achievement I am very proud of. Despite it being a very challenging commitment to take on whilst at college I managed to complete it twice!

I have had the honour of continuing to work with many brands in my second year of blogging, 2 of my favourites being Kokoa an amazing skincare brand and Six plus cosmetics who sent me some luxury must have brushes! My Instagram audience has rocketed which I am very proud of as I started and Instagram account for my blog quite a while after I began blogging. Overall I am just grateful for every single thing I have achieved throughout blogging, I have met some wonderful people and worked with some amazing brands, I can’t wait to see what my third year of blogging holds for me and many more years after that!

Here are a few questions I have been asked in terms of my first 2 years of blogging:

Rebecca Ellis asks: What have you gained most from blogging? And would you change anything about your blogging experience?

I have mostly gained confidence in my own writing, I have always been a bit of a creative writer, when I was younger I aspired to become an author! Growing up I lost confidence in my writing and didn’t think my style of writing was very engaging but blogging completely changed that! The response from my audience and friends after reading my blog really helped me grow confidence in my own writing! And I would not change a thing about my blogging experience, it is the exact experience I have had that has allowed me to grow as a blogger and a person there is not a single thing I would change!

Abby Louisa Rose Ellis asks: What is your greatest blogging achievement? What do you hope to achieve in the next 2 years? Which posts are you most proud of?

Firstly, my greatest blogging achievement has to be gaining the 4,000+ followers across all my social media platforms in the 2 years of blogging. I know it isn’t all about the followers but for me it shows me that people enjoy my content and actually like it enough to hit follow, it makes me feel more confident in publishing my work on the internet and makes me feel as though it is being appreciated so a huge thank you to all my wonderful followers making me believe in myself more by the day!

In the next 2 years I hope to achieve more with my blog layout. I want to go self hosted, purchase a layout (had my eye on one for a while now!) as I want my blog to look more professional and to be honest just better, there is always room for improvement and improving the appearance of my blog is one thing I want to work on. Not only will I feel better about my blog but it is more likely to draw in more traffic meaning the content I create to help or advise others reaches more and more people which is what I want.

The posts that I am most proud of? hmmm… This is a tough one! I will list my top 3:

1. A new scent for the new year – This is because it is different to any other post I have written, it is about a perfume rather than makeup and I am very happy with the photograph quality and written content in the post. Good photography is very important to me!

2. Am I dreaming too big? – This is a very personal post where I just put into it exactly how I felt at the time and I really like it for that one reason, how honest I am in it. I am always honest in my blog posts but I showed a lot more emotion in this one.

3. My makeup story tag – I had a lot of fun creating this blog post and reminiscing on my introduction to makeup and how I got into it. I feel as though this post is really just me and as a makeup junkie I loved sharing my thoughts on makeup, favourite brands and views on products.

I am proud of all my blog posts but specifically these 3 as they aren’t just typical blog posts, I put a lot of thought and effort into them!

Thank you so much specifically to my audience for being so engaging and supportive! To keep updated on my blog posts, progress and opportunities follow me on all of my social media platforms!

Instagram, Twitter, BloglovinPinterest and Envicase

Here’s to another year of blogging!


Blogmas day 15 – Winter relaxation!


Waking up in the mornings at this time of the year it is dark, getting home from college, it is dark and then I have little time to do coursework, blog and find a little time for myself but self care is very important so every now and then it is essential to take a little time to yourself to just do absolutely nothing, as hard and rare as it is to get this time try to find it at least once a fortnight if not once a week, just an hour or 2 of your evening, forget your worries and cares and just relax. With the cold weather and darker evenings nothing beats coming home from work or college than a nice relaxation session to de-stress from any issues at school, college or work.

My favourite way to begin a relaxation evening is to fill up the bath and create lots of bubbles using a bubble bar from my favourite skincare brand, Lush Cosmetics! I used the ruby red slipper which you may have seen in my Lush Haul. This is a new addition to Lush’s Christmas collection this year and I absolutely love it! I wasn’t too keen on the scent at first but it is actually such a nice Christmassy smell I loved it and it created hundreds of bubbles as you can see!

To create a serene environment I like to light some candles to place around the bath. For this relaxation session I used my Yankee Christmas treats candle, Yankee berry trifle votive candle and a candle that doesn’t really have a scent to it but the jar is cute so I love it and I don’t end up being over powered with scents. These candles around my bath with the lights off is the perfect sight to help me relax.

Last but not least, to complete this relaxation session is my favourite Christmas playlist which you can read more about here. I used my new headphones in the bath for the first time and oh my gosh! It is so much better than having earphones and worrying about them falling in the bath or quickly grabbing a towel to dry them when they do. I no longer have to take my earphones round the back of my head so I can relax without the wire being near the water, I just place my phone on the corner of the bath and put the amazing quality headphones over my head, lie back and chill! Find out more about these headphones in my gift guide for her.


I like to chill in the bath for at least 45 minutes when I am trying to full on relax like this. I come out feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, super relaxed and festive from the Christmas tunes! If you haven’t tried this yet you definitely should!

How do you like to relax? Let me know in the comments below!


Blogmas Day 11 – A new scent for the new year!


We are almost half way through blogmas which feels crazy to say… I was so worried I wasn’t going to succeed with blogmas this year as I wasn’t anywhere near as prepared as I was last year with posts done a week in advance but so far so good even if I did have to create and upload Day 9 from my mobile as I was out. Dedication or what?! or so I tell myself so I feel a bit better about slacking on organisation… Nevertheless I have made it to day 11! Now with Christmas just 14 days away I still like to bear in mind that the new year follows very soon after so I am planning ahead for the new year such as my goals, plans and basically making sure 2017 is my year and I am more prepared for it than I was for 2016. One thing I decided I wanted to do was pick a new scent for the new year.

Ever since I began wearing perfumes and body sprays I have never stuck to one scent consistently. I have always had a few different scents and I just picked which ever I felt like using that day. I have never really spent a lot on a perfume for myself either. After receiving a £50 Debenhams voucher as one of my birthday presents I was looking really forward to hitting the town on black Friday and treating myself to lots of new makeup however when I went there the friend that I was with was picking out a new perfume because she wanted to change up her ‘scent’ and that’s when I thought, maybe I should treat myself to a pricey perfume and have a scent that I always wear and can be recognized by.

I wandered around Debenhams contemplating whether to actually splurge on a perfume or select some makeup but I knew I will always buy makeup but I would never really spend on a perfume so I came across the Hugo Boss stand and as soon as the sales woman sampled me the new for her perfume I fell in love with it! I came to and from the counter as I still was deciding whether to spend my voucher on a perfume. I was certain I wanted a new scent for the new year and the more I thought about it the more I wanted the perfume so I went back over to the counter and purchased a bottle of it and I don’t regret it at all!

I love this perfume so much. I use it almost everyday, although I did go a few days without using it because I do want it to last me and the scent stuck to my coat so that each day it still smelt as if I had just applied it! It is described as –

“An irresistible fragrance, unforgettable like a savored seduction, Exquisite notes of honeyed Peach, delicate Freesia bloom, captivating Osmanthus flower and intensely roasted Cocoa, seduce the senses”

As fancy as that sounds, I have to agree! the mention of peach and osmanthus flower makes sense as it has a fruity floral scent to it, very feminine of course! This gift would make the perfect Christmas present, I am sure they also do it in a set so that is worth checking out if your not sure what to get you friend, sister, mother or partner for Christmas!

Will you be choosing a new scent for the new year? Let me know in the comments below!



Am I dreaming too big?

Time for something I haven’t done in a while, a non beauty related, personal, lifestyle post. I am reaching the end of my college life, wow how college flies by, just 2 years of your life, a very important 24 months. I have reached the point now where I am being asked questions I have been dreading for the past few years. Do you want to go to university? Do you want to do an apprenticeship? What is your career goal? What do you want to do when you leave college? Honestly, I do not know… but then again, I do.

My dream career, my most passionate pathway, a makeup artist. Ever since I was young my career goal has always changed. From an author to a doctor to a journalist to a clinical psychologist, mental health nurse or a counsellor. I have never been as certain about any of them as I have with wanting to be a makeup artist. I would love to make a career out of blogging but I currently can’t depend on it being successful as it is very difficult to get to a stage with a reasonable income so I take my love for makeup and passion for beauty and put it into dreaming of becoming a makeup artist.

However, one question I ask myself is, am I dreaming too big?

There are so many makeup artists ‘out there’ now, that making myself stand out is a challenge but one I am willing to accept. My problem is the stability of the career, expenses such as courses or kits, I am only a 17 year old with a part time job and days away from having to start paying tax… Fair enough, there is such thing as being self-taught which so far I am, there is still a lot I have to learn and a lot more practice I have to make but will I be successful?

Maybe it’s me. I’ve never been a huge optimist, it could just be my typical self doubt. I have such a passion for makeup artistry I won’t give up until I make it but then there is the questions at college about where I want to go when I leave, that’s only half a year away now… What do I do in the mean time?

I have looked into apprenticeships more specifically social media & digital marketing apprenticeships which really appeal to me because it is so similar to what I currently do with my blog and all the skills I will pick up will hugely benefit me as a blogger. It sounds so much more secure and stable than chancing it as an MUA but again there is my love and passion over powering my doubt and temptation towards the easier option. I feel as though I could shout to the world about how much I yearn to become a makeup artist, I’d love to have that title but do I deserve it?

I have applied at various makeup counters but I think the little experience I have over powers my passion, dedication and desire to learn which makes me less likely to be behind a makeup counter in the foreseeable future. I’ve reached the point now where I am not entirely sure where this blog post is going but I felt I needed to share this with my audience, I can’t be the only person in this position, deciding whether to go with my head or my heart.

I will never give up on my dream of becoming a makeup artist regardless of the occasional doubts as to whether I will be successful or not, life is about learning and how can I learn if I don’t take risks. In complete honesty, I am almost 18 but I’m not sure where I am going. This is definitely normal for most people at this age but it isn’t a very helpful situation to be in. I wish I knew what I wanted to do…

For anyone who reads this blog post, any advice is very much appreciated. Especially from makeup artists, how did you build up your kit? where did you begin? did you have similar thought at the start?

I hope this post gives others out there in a similar situation something to relate to. everything will come together in the end.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.


*Back to School/College Stationary Haul!!

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So it is that dreaded time of the year where everyone is returning to school, college or even starting their first day at a new school/college but like most people I know I quite look forward to a new start, new people and… NEW STATIONARY! Ever since I was younger I have had a stationary addiction, I remember constantly taking trips to Wilkinsons for their cute rubbers and funky pens until I owned practically every piece of stationary they stocked and when my parents got fed up of me constantly purchasing stationary I would join my friends on a bench at break time all with our pencil cases at hand ready for a ‘Swaps session’ where we would swap a piece of our stationary for someone elses, it was so much fun. No matter how old you get I do not believe it is possible to grow out of stationary, their are so many styles and qualities you can never have enough. Personally I love getting together new books and a whole new pencil case to start a new academic year.

Going into my second year of college I had a much better idea of how much stationary I would need such as a 400 page notebook rather than a 100 page notebook as I went through around 3 notebooks last year just for Law! I require a folder for each subject besides photography and then some pens and coloured pens are necessary for note making. I also wanted a cute diary and as I love quotes I found the perfect academic diary for me for just £1 in poundland! I never really stick to diaries, I have always seen them as a chore but I know for sure to start keeping organised with deadlines, exam dates and work schedules it is a necessity! I also was looking around for some cute notebooks with inspirational quotes on the cover so that I will always feel motivated before opening the book to make notes but everywhere I looked they were extremely over priced until I came across the wonderful brand, Chroma Stationary!

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Chroma stationary are all about creating good quality notebooks that don’t break the bank! They have very minimalist designs in various colours as they believe colours trigger emotions from memories of people, places and life. They provide a variety of 20 different colours in 4 styles of notebooks. The best part is they offer a free embossing service allowing you to have any quote or words you like embossed onto the front cover of your notebook. They also stock customisable pens and stationary pun pencil cases! They even have gift cards which could make the perfect gift for a friend especially with Christmas coming up! I was very lucky to receive a notebook from the spectacular company and I chose to have “Dreams don’t work unless you do” embossed onto the cover in gold writing as I love this quote because it is so simple but very meaningful and motivating. I absolutely love my notebook it is so cute and exactly what I have been looking for. If you would like to purchase your own Chroma Stationary Notebook then click here, In my honest opinion their online store is amazing, very affordable and I will be making some purchases very soon because of how much I love the notebook!

As well being lucky enough to have this beauty in my college stationary collection I also went to Asda as they always have an aisle dedicated to stationary at this time of the year. I picked up a 400 page refil pukka pad as  I like how easy the pages are to remove so I can then place them in my folder. I also picked up a super cute pink and white stripey notebook that also has 400 pages which I will be using for my Law notes. The NU folders are just what I need to keep my subject folders separate and organised so I picked up one white one and a black one. For writing I picked up these adorable Papermate Mini Biro Pens that consist of a variety of colours, perfect for making note stand out! A pack of 10 Bic Round Stic Blue Pens are perfect for me as I prefer to write in blue because I heard somewhere that psychologically it is much easier to memorize notes made in blue ink than black and I used these pens last year to find they work really well! Last but not least I picked up a ruler because I always seem to find myself needing one and never being able to find one!

These are all my necessities to get me through the second year of college! Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my stationary!


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*My All Time Shaviour!

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Hey guys!
I am back with a much overdue blog post but nonetheless one I have been very excited to write! The wonderful brand Friction Free Shaving reached giving the opportunity to try out their razors which they claim to be cleaner, sharper and irritation free in comparison to any other razor. It sounds amazing right? well I’ve tried it out and I am here to tell you just how amazing it is! As much as we hate to admit it, ladies, we hardly change our razors anywhere near as much as we should which is the main cause for skin irritation but with Friction Free Shaving your shaving routine will be at its utmost best!

Firstly a little introduction to Friction Free Shaving. It is a subscription style purchase and they deliver a new razor to your door every month for as long as you like. Sounds perfect to me! No need to go out and overpay for blades that you will just overuse when Friction Free Shaving can bring them to your door each month! They have 3 different razors, Faye, Frankie and Samantha. The little beauty I recieved is Samantha who has a vitamin E lubricated strip leaving my skin with a silky finish. With Samantha you can receive 4 razor refills per month which allows you to change your razor each week and each one consists of 5 steel razor blades and a guard trimmer blade to get to those hard to reach areas. This may be a sponsored post but I am always 100% honest with my readers so I am being legit when I say this is by far the best razor I have ever used and I, myself will continue to purchase new blades each month it is such a useful and easy concept not only does it make shaving easier it improves your hygiene as you don’t even see changing the razor head as any effort because of how simple and affordable it is.

The packaging is also very sleek and the perfect size to fit through your letter box so you don’t have to worry about staying at home and waiting for your razor to arrive in fear it may end up next door waiting for you there. The idea of having to nip round to my neighbours to collect my razor delivery isn’t a thrilling thought for an introvert like myself so anyone out there like me will love the concept of how it can just fit effortlessly through your letter box! The handle itself is very prestige and it looks worth a lot more than it actually is. Say goodbye to razor bumps and unflattering rashes that cause FFS moments whilst you shave the classy way with a beautiful gold razor leaving your legs smoother than my pick up lines with a more postive FFS, Friction Free Shaving!

If you have anymore questions about Friction Free Shaving don’t hesitate to comment, tweet me or ask me over on Instagram!


Summer Essentials 2016!!

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Hey guys!

I finished my final exam today which means I can finally breathe! Now I can completely chill out I decided to write a blog post I have planned for a while now and that is my summer essentials for this year. The weather has been so gorgeous in the UK the past week and I hope it stays that way. Summer is just around the corner and I have been using certain things more frequently than I have been throughout the rest of the year which I consider to be my summer essentials so I would like to share these with you guys!

Firstly is one for skincare. I have been using the Aveeno Moisturizer for many years now after having it prescribed to me by my doctor for my eczema and I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t discovered this! I apply it every morning before my makeup and every night once I have removed it and  when I am not wearing makeup I will consistently apply the Aveeno moisturizer throughout the day. I feel this is a summer essential as when the weather gets hotter my skin gets irritated a lot more so if I am using this to keep my skin moisturized it means there is a less of a chance that my skin will become irritated. This is my holy grail moisturizer and there is nothing I recommend more.

Next is a primer. When it is really warm a primer is necessary to keep your makeup intact all day so you don’t sweat it all off, ew gross i know… A primer I have been using for a few months now is the Nivea Mens Sensitive Post Shave Balm. It works wonderfully as a primer and keeps my makeup in place all day. I highly recommend this as a primer. It is so hydrating and I love the formula, a little goes a long way!

As Jeffree Star says, This is glow season!!! What better way to glow than with the gorgeous Mary Lou Manizer on your cheeks to blind bitches! This is the best highlighter I have tried so far and if you have not jumped on the bandwagon yet then what are you doing?! I will definitely be using this all summer to keep my cheeks glowing all through glow season and beyond!

If you saw my May Favourites you will know that I have been loving the Victoria Secret Body Mist in the scent Pure Daydream. It has a gorgeous sweet scent perfect to keep topping up throughout the day. It lasts so long unlike most sprays that loose their scent after an hour. I definitely recommend you pick up a Victoria Secret spray this summer to keep you smelling gorgeous all day!

My final summer essential is something I am sure everyone has as an essential when the sun is out. SUNGLASSES!! I picked up these gorgeous sunglasses from H&M. H&M have an amazing range of sunglasses so if you’re looking for a pair I recommend you go there! They have a very wide variety of sunglasses in many different styles and they’re so affordable, I love mine!

So there we go, my summer essentials complete! I hope everyone has a great summer this year. Let me know in the comments what your summer plans are and your number one essential!

I’ll post again soon my lovelies!