Favourites Friday!!/March Favourites!


Hey guys! So i want to show you the products i am currently loving! I’m not sure if i will get round to doing a march favourites, i don’t really have many new products and nothing has stood out to me apart from what i am about to mention so this is kind of my current/march favourites! I don’t want to go too into depth about these products but if anyone would like a review on any of them feel free to ask in the comments and i’ll definitely add it to my to do list!

I have selected 1 favourite from each of these categories:

  • beauty
  • fashion
  • hair

And my current favourite song!


So for my beauty favourite i have chosen the Bourjois Delice De Poudre Highlighter, is it just me who finds that quite funny to say? haha! This is a bronzer and highlighter duo and in my opinion the perfect one! I was hesitant to purchasing it for £7.99 but i thought i may as well give it a go as i was on the hunt for a bronzer and highlighter and the fact it was a duo made it so much easier! I love the packaging its super cute and the product itself looks like chocolate pieces and have a chocolate scent!


For my fashion favourite is these BLONDE&BLONDE shoes! I purchased these from BANK which unfortunately is closing down so they don’t have these on their website anymore but if you want to find them you could try searching somewhere else. I bought these a while ago in the black Friday sales, they where something above £35 down to £24ish so i had to grab them! I love the colour and the folded fur edges i think they look great! They’re super comfy and super stylish! I have been loving these for a while now especially at the moment! I’ve always liked timberlands on other people but never would consider getting them for myself as they’re just not me but these shoes are a similarish colour, comfier, not as big and just right for me! GUYS I LOVE THEM!


For my hair favourite is the Tresemme Ultimate Hold Platinum Shine Hairspray. I previously got a mini tresseme set from my neighbour for christmas which had a miniture version of their hairspray in it and it was the best thing i’d ever used! It gave great hold to my hair and was easy to simply brush out! Unfortunately because it was a small bottle i ran out quickly but a few weeks ago i purchased a larger bottle of their hairspray and i am sure this will last me a while because it is 500ml!

Last but not least is my music favourite! Okay so we’ve all been in that on the spot situation where you get asked your favourite song and suddenly forget every song you have ever heard! Well for this i guess i find it hard to pick one song so i’ll just list 3 I have been listening too and loving a lot recently!

  • Hozier – Take Me To Church
  • Maroon 5 – Sugar
  • Taylor Swift – Style

They are my current top 3! If i was to list my favourties i’d be here forever as i listen to so many different types of music! Anyway i hope you enjoyed these favourites! Let me know in the comments what your top 3 current fave songs are!

I’ll post soon my lovely readers!