Blogmas Day 7 – Beauty Christmas Chrackers!!

As well as beauty advent calendars making their way onto the store shelves in the past year or  2, I have also recognized a couple beauty Christmas crackers sliding their way in too. Nothing can beat the joy of traditional Christmas crackers with silly jokes and paper hats that are lucky if they last the night in one piece but what better for a beauty blogger or makeup/skincare enthusiast than a Christmas cracker containing some great products! Trying out sample sized products before purchasing the real thing can be quite useful and these beauty crackers allow you to do just that!

After browsing various websites I have selected a couple of beauty crackers that appeal to me to share with my lovely readers, there’s a little something for you makeup addicts and nail art lovers and those who love a good pamper all in this one blog post!


First of all is a few by the amazing brand, Soap and Glory!

First of all we have the Soap and Glory Gloss it Girl Christmas Cracker for the price of £14 you get 5 super shiny shades of the sexy mother pucker lip glosses! It’s the perfect gift/stocking filler for a makeup lover!

Secondly is the Soap and Glory Kissmas Cracker! If your like me and on a budget this Christmas then rather than getting the gloss it girl cracker this one may be a cheaper option for just £6 and it includes the Sexy mother pucker lip gloss in one gorgeous shade! Again this is a great stocking filler.

Last but not least from Soap and Glory is their Soaprise which is the highest price out of them all as it is £16 but you get 6 Christmas crackers and who doesn’t want a six pack ey?! In each cracker is a travel sized bersion of 6 soap and glory body washes! Clean on me, Sugar crush, Rich and foamous, Foam call, Clean girls and Orangeasm, oh so punny!! Each cracker also contains a party hat and some words of wisdom! Sounds exciting right?! perfect thing to take along to a Christmas meal with your girls!



The next 2 beauty crackers can also be purchased from Boots! They are by the brand No7, both are just £8 each and are full of some lovely goodies!

Firstly is the Glamour Cracker Gift, this contains 2 classic essentials of eye makeup! Eye pencil and mascara, the two beauty products that I started off with! There is a mini version of the No7 intense volume mascara in black and a stay perfect amazing eye pencil also in black. The full sized mascara itself is £9.95 and the pencil £7.50 so by purchasing this cracker as a gift instead is a much better idea and such a bargain for £8! The packaging is also very pretty with super cute bows!

Next is the Fresh and Gorgeous Cracker and I much prefer this packaging to the other as it’s so elegant, pretty and subtle! I love the gold! This also contains the same mascara as the previous one but the No7 mini eye pencil rather than the amazing eyes one. In all I love both Christmas crackers they’re both worth it for £8, personally I’d rather receive the second one but both would make a great gift or stocking filler!

There are so many other beauty crackers I have come across this year but I didn’t want to drag this post on and also wanted to keep it in a not too high price range but if you would like to look at some others then here is a list of a couple I really like!


Hope this post was useful to you amazing readers! Great ideas if your not sure what to gift a makeup addict or pop into a stocking for a super girly girly!

Let me know in the comments what your ideal stocking filler would be!

Until tomorrow! Stay festive!



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