Blogmas Day 6 – 25 Good Deeds To Do Before Christmas!!

In this festive month many of us are rushing around grabbing some rare bargains, purchasing decorations to make our houses look the best we can, prepping for Christmas day, buying and wrapping presents but one thing not many do is stop and try to help someone else complete some of their tasks or provide someone less fortunate with something small that could put a smile on their face and from the John Lewis Christmas advert this year many were left rather emotional at the realization of how lonely Christmas can be for others so I have put together a list of 25 good deeds you could do before Christmas to make someone else smile this month and spread the joy!

  1. Smile at a stranger, Yes! It’s that simple!
  2. Give up a seat on the bus for someone who is standing
  3. Pick up some litter
  4. Take some pet food down to a pet shelter
  5. Compliment someone
  6. Take some canned food to a local food bank
  7. Do something nice for a sibling/family member
  8. Leave a note on a vending machine with perhaps a pound or 2 with a letter saying “Merry Christmas from me, to you”
  9. Pack a shoe box with small gifts and pass it onto a charity who will deliver it to those that don’t receive anything on Christmas
  10. Tell someone you are proud of them
  11. Recycle
  12. Forgive someone you have been holding a grudge against
  13. Drop random “have a good day” cards or sweet messages in random neighbours letter boxes
  14. Offer to buy a friend/family food whilst out with them
  15. Giveaway books/clothes or anything you no longer need to charity
  16. Open the door for a stranger
  17. Buy someone you know a random small gift, the thought may just make their day
  18. Give someone a hug
  19. Let a stranger ahead of you in line whether it’s in a shopping line or waiting for a bus etc
  20. By a couple bags of sweets and hand them out to people you know or young children or friends or in your family
  21. Bake some cakes and give a few to a bus driver
  22. Visit an elderly neighbour to see how they’re doing, offer to do any favours for them such as shopping or invite them round and do some baking with them
  23. Encourage someone to achieve their goals
  24. Make some positive comments on people social media posts e.g. blogs, YouTube videos, twitter posts etc
  25. Give a homeless person a Christmas card containing a gift voucher of whatever amount you wish to give for a local food store/cafe e.g. Greggs, Costa, Starbucks etc

And that is a list of 25 simple, random acts of kindness to do during the build up towards Christmas, whether you do 1 each day or pick a few and aim to do them I hope I have inspired some of you to do a random act of kindness and make someone else smile! I am definitely going to try and complete some of these!



8 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6 – 25 Good Deeds To Do Before Christmas!!

  1. Chloe Lauren says:

    This is awesome! I might have to do some of these! I actually recently got my form tutor to get the entire form to bring in food, with which we will then pass on to a homeless shelter, so that is something done already 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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