I suck at blogging…


Hey guys, just me again, 2 months after supposedly getting back to “blogging” and clearly i just suck at that! I promise I’ll get the hang of it soon, I am currently moving into a new apartment too which is taking longer than planned, ugh.

On the other hand, my favourite festive season has arrived! I’ve even got a Christmas tree before I get the keys to my new place… *inserts hand over eyes monkey emoji here* I’ve taken a trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets and survived the ice rink, just about… I’m loving this season so far!

The end of the year is upon us and I’ve had a lot to think about. Everyone starts talking about how the year has sucked and next year will be better but if I’m honest I can’t say it’s totally sucked. Yes I have had more than my fair share of lows but I have also had plenty of highs. I had the best holiday in the summer and my other half and are awaiting the keys for our first place together eekkk! Can’t wait to get decorating! So yes, I do have some treasured memories collated from this year as well as some I would love to have removed from my memory storage!

I’ll give you all an in depth post on how 2018 has gone for me after Christmas, lets not wish this year away just yet! Obviously I am not braving Blogmas this year, I mean c’mon I have barely blogged during the entire year but I will share my past Blogmas links each day on Twitter so make sure you are following me over on there.

As soon as I am settled in my new place, getting my flatlays on point, I promise, I will return!


Until next time.


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