Hopelessly Hitting Pan…

Fellow makeup addicts, I am certain you will all relate to what I am about to say…

You know that feeling right? Where you purchase a new makeup product and all of a sudden you’re head over heels in love with it. You’re unsure how you left the house before you had this certain product that takes your makeup from a 10 to a 100! It becomes part of your everyday routine, you’ll spend half an hour looking for it if you have to, to find it is in your handbag because you can’t leave the house without it. You recommend it to all of your friends, they try it too, swatch away! It becomes the light of your life, slaying your makeup everyday!

but then… All of a sudden you see it, something coming through the product, something a little silver, something that looks a lot like pan…

You begin to ration it a little more now as you know it’s close to the end. Nothing compares to the heart sinking feeling of hitting pan, especially on a limited edition product you probably won’t be able to replace but you love it so much you still need to use it everyday.

In this post I want to talk about a few of the products I have hopelessly hit pan on and why I love them so much to have got to the pan!

Screenshot_20181002-102958 (2)

First of all is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer in my Benefit Cheekathon Palette. I was sucked in by this bargain of a cheek palette when it was first released and I’m so glad i picked it up! Now, I have hit pan on Hoola because it is by far the best bronzer ever – not too muddy and not too subtle. Just the right amount of intensity and insane pigmentation! I will definitely continue to purchase this bronzer individually as I love it! The only bad thing I could say about it is the amount of product in the pan is not as much as you would expect but I think that’s just because of the packaging to product ratio – I expected it to contain more. Besides that I have not one bad word to say about the actual product and I highly recommend it but as it was limited edition I think it is quite difficult to get hold of now.


Next is a much loved and well known highlighter. The balm Mary Lou Manizer. Oh yes, that old chestnut! This was once my holy grail of highlighters which I previously have written about on my blog. I hit pan on this product a long time ago before I began to neglect it. Despite beginning to reach for other highlighters more often, this beauty hasn’t been pushed quite the full way to the back of my shelf yet. I still chuck it in my bag to top up on an evening out and I do reach for it now and again but not as much as I once did. Not to say I don’t love this highlighter, I have just discovered new highlighters that make me feel my love for Darling Mary Lou may have just been lust… I do recommend this highlighter especially if you want something high end but affordable. It has amazing pigmentation and a mesmerising glow! I think the only reason I don’t reach for it often anymore is because I have discovered highlighters that suite my dark complexion better but besides that the actual highlighter is beautiful and I am quite sad to see it hit pan but I don’t think I will be replacing it any time soon.


Finally is my go to powder which I have mentioned many times before. This is the Collection Lasting Finish Powder. A drugstore must have – my loyalty to this product will never run out. The collection pressed powder in the shade translucent gives my foundation the perfect matt finish and for someone who has eczema I can let all of you fellow dry skinned pals know for sure that this is the ideal face powder for you. It doesn’t completely dry out my face and still manages to give me a full coverage matt look and feel. I have purchased powder after powder after powder when it comes to this product. No matter how many times I hopelessly hit pan, this number always makes a return to my makeup collection without a moments hesitation. You can find my more detailed review on this product here.


What products have you hit pan on?




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