THE Ultimate drugstore eyebrow kit!



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I cannot believe there was actually a time where I didn’t fill my brows in… My eye brows have definitely become a bit of a high maintenance situation, my makeup doesn’t look right without them filled in, well to me it doesn’t. Eye brows have become a very important factor in the makeup world, it is a lot of beauty junkie’s priority to ensure their brows are ‘on fleek’

The Collection Eyebrow Kit in the shade Brunette has definitely been a game changer for me, It definitely gets my brows on fleek! I now do my eyebrows everyday, my makeup doesn’t feel right unless I do! The perfectly pigmented brow powder in this kit glide on like a dream providing sleek precision to my eye brow shape and tidying them up!

I begin by using a spooly brush to tidy my brows and keep all hairs intact, Then I use either the Makeup Revolution E104 brush or my six plus cosmetics eyebrow E04 brush and apply a small amount of product to the brush followed my swiping each flat side of the brush on the back my hand to remove any excess product making the application more precise. Next, as seen in most tutorials, I create a smooth, straight line along the bottom of my eyebrow following it along the end of my brow, I then create a line from the beginning of the end corner of the top of my brow down to the end of the below line to create a fleeky brow ending and then I apply more product to the brush using the same method as before and drawing a line half a centimeter in from to top of my brow all the way round to the end. Now that the outline is created I fill the inside of it but not too much as I do have black eyebrows so if I fill it in too much my brows look far too dark!

To complete the fleeky look I gently create a faint line from the inside top corner of my brow on the half centimeter I didn’t fill in previously. You don’t want to heavily fill in the start of your brows otherwise they look too thick and bold, definitely not what you want. To ensure my brows stay fleeky all day I apply the clear brow mascara that comes in the kit which holds everything together and sets the brows. After my brows are done I apply concealer around both sides to make them even more precise followed by a small amount of white eye shadow or highlighter on my brow bone to complete the look and that is my high maintenance brow routine with my trust little eyebrow kit!

I highly recommend this brow kit, whether you’re just starting out with your brows or if you’re on a low budget this is perfect for you, it is so affordable and such good quality, I have been using it for almost a year now and never switched to anything else, it is certainly my holy grail brow kit!

What do you use to do your brows? Let me know in the comments!



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