THE Setting Powder Of All Setting Powders!


Throughout the many years of being a makeup junkie, collecting various products, trying new ones. Mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, foundation, setting powder. I have been through so many brands and different versions of these products, I have had my fair share of patchy foundations and not so smudge proof liners and mascaras but I think I have formed a pretty good opinion and view on what works well and what doesn’t.

One product I think is essential to get right that most people might not think is so important is a setting powder. If you want your foundation to last all day and avoid any patchiness you need to have the right setting powder. Look at it this way; if I didn’t use a setting powder the amount of transfer onto  my knuckles would be unreal! The amount of times I rest my face on my hand when I am sat down, I would end up with knuckle imprints in my foundation! Setting powder acts like a barrier between the actual foundation base and my hand, when it applies it melts into my foundation, mattifies it, setting it into place making it more difficult for the foundation to budge. You may not notice it but it makes the world of a difference. It makes me feel slightly uncomfortable when I come across people that never set their foundation, how do you cope?! Not using setting powder will significantly effect the longevity of your foundation. Surely there can’t be anything worse than spending a full day out at school, college or work then coming home to look in the mirror and discover obvious patches in your foundation and suddenly wonder, how long have they been there? how many people noticed?

I believe I am the lucky owner of THE setting powder of all setting powders and now you can be to! The Collection Pressed Powder in the shade translucent. No word of a lie, I have been through at least 8 of these so far, I won’t use anything else. I used to be a Rimmel stay matte kinda girl but I wanted a change and after the hype around the Collection lasting perfection concealer I had to try another one of their products so I opted for the powder and to this day I would bet my life on it.

I always apply this after my concealer and foundation to set everything in place. It gives an even, flawless, matte coverage. It melts into my foundation perfectly setting it. For someone with dry skin a matte finish may not be ideal but I have never had an issue with the matte finish this powder gives me. It isn’t a dry and crumbly matte finish, the powder itself contains moisturisers so it helps hydrate the skin further after the application of foundation. My skin feels so silky after applying it!

It definitely makes a huge difference in terms of longevity. With the odd top up needed around my nose and t-zone mid day, my foundation does not go patchy at all which is amazing for such an affordable power! It retails at just £1.99 in superdrug which after using it for so long I can’t get over. I didn’t think it’d be so good when I first purchased it due to how low the price was but my god was I wrong! The formula is perfect, it applies effortlessly and I’m not sure what else to say about it other than you NEED it!

My 100% honest opinion right here, I honestly recommend it!

Let me know in the comments below if you will be trying this out or what your opinions are on it if you’ve already tried it.


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