After Dark Elegant Touch Limited Edition False Nails Review


I am back with another beauty review but this time it is not makeup! For someone like me who has an awful case of the nail biting habit wearing falsies makes me feeling a million times more feminine, I hope I’m not the only one who feels like that… Even those I know who don’t bite their actual nails love a fresh set of falsies every now and then. I have never had my nails done at a salon, I always pick up some pretty false nails in store and stick them on myself. It’s so much more affordable and easier! Despite the struggle of 99% of average daily tasks requiring more effort and patience it’s worth it but it does depend on the nails… They aren’t always worth putting up with struggles for and that’s why I am bringing this review today!

I browsed the false nails section in Superdrug for a while before falling in love with the After Dark Elegant Touch Limited Edition False Nails however I must admit, they were very disappointing…

Appearance wise, these nails are gorgeous! I love the design on them, it is so me however when in the packet I was unaware that the background of the nail was not a pale grey, it is in fact darkly tinted transparent which was a down side for me as I  bite my nails so through the nails if you looked close enough it didn’t look very nice being able to see my very short nails through the false ones. It pretty much defeated the purpose of why I wear them.

Despite this disappointment I decided to keep them on as the transparency wasn’t too obvious from a distance, I thought I would see how the nails lasted. Unfortunately they barely lasted 2 days… They pinged off multiple times resulting in me having to constantly keep sticking them back on, this is something that happens often with false nails but these nailed pinged off far more frequently than false nails normally do. They chipped and snapped with little force whilst doing everyday regular tasks I have managed with nails on before. On the third day I gave up and removed them all which also was not very easy, I ended up with small bits of each nails as they were terrible to get off! I was really disappointed as these cost me £7.95 and in all honesty I don’t think they’re even worth £1. I have purchased false nails from Primark for £1 that have lasted a week if not more and remained in great condition with little effort to maintain.

I definitely do not recommend nails from the brand Elegant Touch however they do have some that seem more sturdy than these so perhaps staying away from transparent nails is a good idea and stick to the plain coloured ones. I, myself, will not be purchasing from this brand again, I think I will stick to my £1 Primark nails! As harsh as this review may sound it is 100% my own opinion as I like to keep it real with my readers and if it saves anybody wasting almost £8 then it is worth posting!

I hope this review has been informing and you have enjoyed reading it! Any questions? feel free to ask below in the comments or tweet me!



4 thoughts on “After Dark Elegant Touch Limited Edition False Nails Review

  1. TheMakeupCase17 says:

    If you can get Kiss brand nails in the U.K. try the Gel Fantasy ones. You can use either the little stickers they include to stick them on or you can use nail glue. I do the latter. I use a brush on nail glue (no mess & easier to control). These nails last about a week to 10 days. Or I like getting blank ones and pre-painting them myself in advance (I have a whole post on how to do it on my blog if you want to check it out).

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