Morphe 35O Eye Shadow Palette Review


it’s 2017 and I am back with the first of this years blog posts, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year, I hope 2017 is the best year for you all! 2016 was full of many trending brands of cosmetics. From the launch of Kylie Cosmetics to the expanding collection of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, it was definitely the year of success for these makeup brands and many more. One product that stayed in the spotlight through 2016 and still shines bright is the one and only, Morphe 35O eye shadow palette. Restock after restock this palette rapidly sold out. Cult beauty, beautybay and cocktail cosmetics are a few of the websites I tried many times to get hold of the palette from but by the time I got online it was completely sold out! It was every makeup addicts most prized possession. Over the year it did become easier to get hold of, it still sold out quickly but in a few days rather than few hours. I finally managed to get hold of it at the start of November from Cult Beauty and I had never been more excited for a parcel to arrive at my door!

A Youtube sensation, an essential in every makeup artists kit. The Morphe 35O was finally mine! My first Morphe eye shadow palette, and most certainly not my last…

I have used this for a good 2 months now so here I am on beauty blogger duty to report back with a review! Is it worth it? Continue reading to find out!


This palette consists of both matte and shimmer shades. Morphe did release the 350S which is all the 35O shades in shimmer and 35OM which has all the shades in matte if you have a preference but with the 35O you get the best of both worlds! Firstly, the packaging is sleek and simple but classy. There isn’t too much going on and to be honest the packaging does reflect the affordability of the palette as it does seem as though it might loose its sturdiness after a while but the quality of the eye shadows most certainly make up for this. It is as if the majority of the money goes into the eye shadow formula and not on the packaging which I really can’t complain with. I might be a sucker for cute packaging but I would much rather the quality of the actual product be of high standard with standard packaging.

The palette consists of 35 stunning shades, 24 matte shades and 11 shimmer shades. In my opinion this is perfect, I prefer to have more matte shades in a palette as it makes it perfect for everyday wear with various intensities of shimmer eye shadows if you want to take your look up to the next level! The matte shades range from light whites perfect for the base of the lid or to highlight the brow bone, various browns including reddy brown shades, literally every shade of brown you could dream of owning, you won’t need to reach for a brown shade in another palette when you have the selection that the Morphe 35O does. There are also a few orange and red shades which are trending in the makeup world at the moment and they can create a really popping eye look, in my opinion if I see any of these shades in a palette it is sold to me, to have them all in one palette is a dream!

The shimmer shades in this palette are similar to the mattes. There are subtle white/champagne toned shades, again perfect to highlight the brow bone or to make the inner corner of your eye pop! There are some gorgeous brown shimmers, some more intense than others. A gorgeous gold shimmer and 2 red shimmer shades which are my absolute favourite especially the last shade in the palette, it is so intense, pigmented and stunning I have never come across a shade like it, it is definitely my favourite shade in the palette!


Overall the shades themselves are so pigmented and I can’t believe how affordable the palette is considering how amazing the quality is. It is an all round perfect palette, if I don’t like a product or a part of a product I’ll say it but this palette is honestly amazing! It isn’t one of those palette that consists of shades I won’t use, I will use every single shade in the palette and that for me is the make it or break it of a palette. If an eye shadow palette only has a few shades I will use it is very disappointing but the Morphe 35O contains a variety of shades but I know I will definitely use them all.

One of my favourite things about this palette is the variety of brown shades gives an eye shadow hack! They range all the way from light up to dark brown which makes it perfect for building up eye shadows. Starting with the lightest shade of brown and building up using a slightly darker brown each time until it is as dark as you like it. This make it much easier to blend rather than going in straight with a dark brown or using a light then straight into dark, building up the colour intensity gives a smooth transfer and makes the overall look simply slay harder!

Is this palette worth the hype? Definitely! I am so glad I finally got hold of this palette and I recommend that you do to, sign up to the waiting list on Cult Beauty to be notified when it is stock. Both Cult Beauty and Glam Saidey restock regularly for anyone wondering where to get the Morphe 35O palette from, especially if you’re from the UK! I will certainly be keeping an eye out for the 350S and 35OM after how amazing the original 35O is and I am definitely going to be purchasing more Morphe palettes especially for my MUA kit which I am going to start building this year.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review, what is your favourite eye shadow palette? Let me know in the comments below!

Make 2017 a great year!



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