Blogmas Day 23 – Contour Palette of the Year!


Oh my gosh… It is Christmas Eve Eve!!! Only 2 days left of blogmas, I have blogged everyday for 23 days so far. It is so crazy to think about, I usually manage to get one blog post up a week, 2 on the rare occasion due to my busy student life so I am very proud of myself for almost completing Blogmas. I have enjoyed doing it so much, I wish I could blog everyday of the year! Blogging is my safety net, my little space on the internet fully controlled by me and I get to create new content in each post for my loyal and much appreciated audience. Thank you very much to everyone who has been reading my posts this Blogmas, I hope you have enjoyed reading them just as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

Today is another one for my ‘of the year’ series.¬†Instead of doing the usual 2016 favourites I am picking one product from each category that I have loved the most. So far I have done Highlighter, Foundation and eye shadow palette of the year so today I am sharing my Contour palette of the year!


The Nyx Cosmetics Contour Palette has been my absolute favourite for adding definition to my face this year. I am sure I purchased this around 8 months ago and used it almost everyday. I tend to reach for this palette more than I do my Hoola bronzer by Benefit. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Hoola but prefer it for when I am going all out. The contour shades in the Nyx Cosmetics contour palette are very subtle but buildable and so easy to blend. Considering how affordable I would have expected them to be quite harsh to blend and look muddy but that isn’t the case, they are far from muddy and of high end quality.


Nyx Cosmetics are known for their low prices and high quality and that is most certainly the case with this palette, I swear by it! I am even going to purchase one for my MUA kit which I am beginning to build, I would love to use this palette on clients. The shades in it are very versatile. The yellow/banana shade powder is one I am hitting pan on, it reminds me of the banana powder in the Anastasia Beverley Hills contour palette (which I am excited to receive from my besties for Christmas, eeeekkk!!) so I can then compare both banana powders but the Nyx one is perfect for setting concealer and brightening the under eye area, I also apply it in the centre of my forehead when I am full on going all out with my contour. There are various shades of the dark contour powders so the palette is great for any skin tone. The highlighters in this palette are very pigmented but I do tend to reach for other highlighters which I own a lot more if I am honest.


This palette is my contour palette of the year just because of how impressed I am with the quality of it. My favourite thing is although I have hit pan on my favourite shades they are removable from the palette and Nyx Cosmetics sell the shades on their own so I can just replace the single shade rather than buying a whole new palette for one shade! Pigmentation is ace, longevity is ace and quality of the product is ace! I definitely recommend you introduce yourself to this product in the new year if you haven’t already. It is certainly one product I would recommend more than anything, if someone were to ask me to recommend just one product this would be it. I love it so much!

How do you get your contour on fleek?

Stay tuned for tomorrows ‘of the year’ post!




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