Blogmas Day 20 – Highlighter of the Year!


As blogmas enters its final 5 days I have decided to do a little series from now until the end. This will be ‘of the year’. Each day I will be sharing with you guys a product of the year from a certain makeup category. For example today I will be sharing my highlighter of the year so let me know in the comments if there is any particular product categories you would like me to share my favourite product from!

In all honesty I have had this product for just over a month but I have used it very often since. I recieved it as a lovely present from my best friends from my birthday, they really know me well! I have had my eye on the Sleek Solstice Highlight Palette for so long. It was quite a hyped up product in the beauty world at one point but I never really jumped onto the bandwagon. After I first viewed it in store and swatched the purple highlighter I fell in love with it. I needed this palette!


Now that I have it I am so happy! It is far better than I expected and the formula of the highlighters are like nothing I have ever tried before. It is not entirely creamy nor powder, it is somewhere in between and I am a huge fan of this unique formula, it blends so easy and doesn’t leave a powdery look. I find that some highlighters can leave a finish look as if you have slapped some glitter on top of your cheekbones however this is not the case with the Sleek Solstice palette. It blends into the rest of my makeup so well and leaves a subtle but slaying glow!

It is the first product I have tried from sleek and I am super impressed! Living up to the brands name, the packaging is most definitely sleek! It is very classy, sturdy, easily stored in your makeup bag or storage draws and looks very prestige. This would make a lovely Christmas present or something to spend your Christmas money on, I definitely recommend it. Considering throughout the year I have used various highlighters including the much love Champagne Pop and Mary Lou Manizer this one tops them all! To get a good idea of what I am comparing it to read my Highlight Heaven blog post.

The reason this palette tops them all is due to the unique formula and how easy it is to apply and blend. It gives the perfect glow and in comparison to the other highlighters I have tried, it leaves the best finish. Not the most pigmented in all honesty but I prefer a subtle glow rather than one that is too heavy. It is all round perfect and is definitely my highlighter of the year!

What is your favourite highlight this year? Let me know in the comments below!



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