*Blogmas Day 18 – Kokoa Skincare!


*DISCLAIMER* This is a brand collaboration however all opinions are my own and 100% honest. I would not review a product I don’t believe in.

In my previous blog post I spoke about hand creams as they are a product I rely on throughout the day. Skincare is very important to me especially because I not only have dry skin but I have it in the form of eczema which means if I don’t keep on top of ensuring my skin is hydrated it can become so irritable and itchy to the point which it becomes inflamed or even bleeds. To deal with this skin condition like to use a lot of oily skincare products. Argon oil and coconut oil are my favourites, If I soak my face in it before I sleep I wake up and feel like I’ve been given a new face, my skin feels so soft and fresh!

Skincare is an essential part of not only being healthy but also for my confidence. Noone feels happy in bad skin! Recently I recieved an amazing opportunity to receive some skincare products from a new brand on the market called Kokoa.

Kokoa create skincare products that are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and hand free! When I first decided to check out the brand before deciding whether I actually wanted to try their products these facts were what really appealed to me. It sounded very similar to the products made by Lush Cosmetics which  I absolutely love so I really wanted to try out these natural products too!


The products I chose to try out are the Coconut oil, Shea butter, Coconut oil & Shea butter combined, the African black soap and the night oil.

First of all is the coconut oil. This is a solid product so does take a bit of rubbing to get the product out to apply but that’s the case with most coconut oils. Once applied this coconut oil provides a lot of hydration to my skin and does a very good job! It’s like any other coconut oil except it is pure and organic! It is advertised as to reduce the signs of ageing, smooth and soften skin and maintain skin elasticity! I can definitely confirm that it smooths and softens skin but being 18 I can’t be sure of it reduces the signs of aging… It is definitely a good all round product!

The shea butter is one I was very excited to try as I have tried shea butter products from the body shop before and loved them. This shea butter is the perfect consistency and I love how it feels on my skin. It is super hydrating and makes my skin feel so soft! It doesn’t smell as great as the body shop one but I guess that is down to it being raw and organic. The not too great smell is worth it for what it does to my skin!

I love the Coconut oil & Shea butter combined product! It is basically the above 2 products combined which works wonders for my skin. The formula is very buttery and easy to apply, my skin feels so moisturised and fresh after applying this product!

The African Black Soap is one product I am very excited to talk about as I have never tried anything like it! It is known to fight acne, body odour, hyper pigmentation and razor bumps. I like how it fights hyper pigmentation as I have dark patches in certain areas on my face as a result of eczema. I haven’t noticed any huge differences just yet as I have used the soap a few times but I have noticed a small difference such as the dark circles under my eyes not covering as much area as they did before I used this soap. I am excited to see the final results after using this soap and will be reviewing it on its own in detail as to if it fits its description but so far so good! I love this soap, it is very easy to use. All I do is take a small piece from the edge, rinse my face then rub the small piece of soap in my palms and it creates a creamy lather which I use to rinse my face with like any face wash. It makes my skin feel amazing instantly!

Admittedly I did not try the night oil as it is advertised as being formulated especially for oily skin so I didn’t want to use it for it to dry my skin out even more just for the sake of me testing the product. I will be passing this on to a friend as I won’t gain much use from it but I am sure it is just as wonderful as the products I was able to try!

Overall I really love these products from Kokoa and would actually purchase these items myself so thank you very much Kokoa for gifting them to me. My favourite has to be the African black soap, I have never tried anything like it. One down side is because the products are organic and natural they aren’t the best smelling. I do think Kokoa could work on better scenting their products but that’s just me being fussy and too used to high street brands. Besides the smell, which is bearable , the products themselves are amazing!


Kokoa have given me a discount code to share with my loyal readers to get 30% off until December 31st so use the code “DESIRE4” to retrieve this discount! You could order some products for Christmas present or stocking fillers. I honestly do recommend them!

They also pledge 7% of their profits (annual net) to 2 charities, WWF and MamaHope which I think is a great thing to do!

I have a lot of hope for Kokoa. I have tried skincare products from brands in the past but nothing that appeals to me like these products have. I can see Kokoa being just as big as Lush in the future and that is my honest view, I love their products!

Hope you are all having an exciting time in the build up to Christmas! Let me know what you’re up to in the comments below!



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