Blogmas day 17 – Body lotion as hand cream?



Not only in winter but throughout the whole year I like to keep a small tube of hand cream or even body lotion in my bag, scented ones tend to be my favourite. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated especially if your skin type, like myself, is dry. Keeping a hand cream on me is essential even if I only reach for it in my bag twice a week, at least it is there whenever I need it, using it more often in some weeks than others. I wanted to share my favourite hand creams with you guys because I have been using these since the start of the year so I would like to share my thoughts and opinions on each one.

Firstly is the Ghost Eclipse body lotion. This came in a set with a gorgeous perfume of the same scent. Although it is a body lotion I find that the tube is the perfect size to pop into my handbag on the way out. I use it to moisturise my hands in the mornings and it adds a fresh scent to them too! I much prefer to use it as a hand cream as it will then last me a lot longer than if I were to use it as a body lotion. I usually use it on my hands and sometimes on my neck just to emphasize the scent when using the perfume with it. Unfortunately this is not sold alone but it comes in a set with the perfume which would make the perfect Christmas gift and is very affordable! I love this hand cream and the perfume which I have now ran out of but the hand cream has lasted me the whole year and is my favourite out of all of the ones I have used!

Next is the hand cream which I picked up from Primark. In all honesty I was sucked in by the quirky packaging but it is in fact a very good hand cream. Not my favourite but it does the job, keeps my hands hydrated whenever I use it and is an all round good product especially just for £1. However, I do prefer using the body lotions as hand creams, I find the formula a lot more moisturising, hydrating and the scent of the body lotions are more perfume like, leaving my hands smelling lovely in comparison to the non scented hand cream. I do like the hand cream but it does not compare to using the body lotions as hand creams!

Last but not least is the Only way is Essex dazzle body lotion. Again, just like the ghost eclipse this comes alongside a perfume in a gift set making a gorgeous and affordable gift. The perfume I have used up but the body lotion still remains with at least 50% of product left! This tube is slightly larger than the Ghost eclipse body lotion so I may not always pop it into my bag but I do like to grab it to moisturise my hands before leaving the house, on the odd occasion I will take it with me and I don’t find it any more hassle to use than a regular hand cream.

Overall from altering between the 3 products mentioned above, I hold a preference for the ghost eclipse body lotion with the primark hand cream being my least favourite. I used to never use the body lotions in gift sets or only use them a handful of times and then leave them at the back of my perfume shelf to never be used until I chuck them away when having a clear out. Now I have found a great use for these amazing products and if you are the same with gift sets that feature body lotions, I highly recommend trying them as a hand cream!

What is your favourite hand cream and what do you recommend? I really want to try out something from the body shop!



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