Blogmas Day 13 – The perfect lipstick for Christmas day!


Nothing completes a face of makeup on Christmas day like a bold lipstick to pull the whole look together. If you’ve been following my blogmas posts since the start you will have seen this featured in my gift guide for a makeup addict. This is the gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick in Bond Girl which I was lucky enough to receive as a very thoughtful birthday gift from my best friends. From packaging to the product itself this lipstick is out of this world! I am a sucker for anything rose gold so the lipstick bullet itself mesmerizes me and it looks very prestigious, which it is!

The product itself applies so smooth and evenly, it is the perfect formula, not too dry at all. A little goes a long way as just one application will last me all day with only one top up needed! The colour itself is gorgeous. For this time of the year reds, plums and purples are all the rave but this unique shade doesn’t fit into either of those colour categories, it is a perfect mix of them all making the best shade for winter hence why it is perfect for Christmas day!


I have always had my eyes on the Charlotte Tilbury counter as I descended down the escalators into makeup heaven aka the bottom floor of exchange square Selfridges. I would always approach the counter, stare in awe at the products as I fell in love with them but then reality hit me and I would realise my bank account would most certainly not approve of a Charlotte Tilbury purchase, my heart screamed yes but my head insisted no. I am very fortunate to now own one of the most beautiful lipsticks I have ever laid eyes on thanks to my best friends and now I know it is totally worth the money I will definitely be heading to the Charlotte Tilbury counter next payday to treat myself. This lipstick would make the perfect Christmas present, it is so thoughtful and such a luxurious present it would definitely make anyone’s Christmas and for anyone that may have some left over Christmas money after present shopping I insist you treat yourself to this gorgeous lipstick to wear on Christmas day!

Have you tried any products from Charlotte Tilbury? What did you think? let me know in the comments below!



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