Blogmas Day 12 – The ultimate Christmas playlist!


I have to admit, I am the weirdo that starts listening to Christmas songs towards the end of August/start of September… I will have a playlist up on my phone getting excited for the upcoming season but I will make sure my volume is not loud enough for anyone to hear in fear that I may be judged. As soon as October is over I hit the volume right up and let the festive spirit flow right through me, I can’t be the only one who does this! Usually I create my own playlist with my favourite Christmas songs to listen to however this year I have found the most ultimate playlist on the one and only… Spotify!

This playlist is called Christmas Crackers. I do appreciate a good pun! From Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas to the classic Fairytale of New York this playlist consists of everyone’s favourite Christmas songs and like every festive playlist it features a bit of Mr Bublé. I love listening to this in the mornings on the way to college, it makes me forget about the cold weather awaiting me when I get off the bus and gets me excited for Christmas and I feel joy for the festive season!


This playlist is definitely worth checking out. Also, a tip for the students, with UniDays you can get 50% off spotify premium which means for just £4.99 a month you can skip songs as many times as you like, select exactly which songs you want to listen too and save music to listen to offline without needing to use any internet, definitely a bargain if you ask me! If you aren’t yet signed up to UniDays it is really worth signing up to there a so many amazing discounts worth using for popular brands. My referral code is for anyone who wishes to sign up. As long as you have a school/college email you’re able to join.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas song is!

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