Blogmas Day 11 – A new scent for the new year!


We are almost half way through blogmas which feels crazy to say… I was so worried I wasn’t going to succeed with blogmas this year as I wasn’t anywhere near as prepared as I was last year with posts done a week in advance but so far so good even if I did have to create and upload Day 9 from my mobile as I was out. Dedication or what?! or so I tell myself so I feel a bit better about slacking on organisation… Nevertheless I have made it to day 11! Now with Christmas just 14 days away I still like to bear in mind that the new year follows very soon after so I am planning ahead for the new year such as my goals, plans and basically making sure 2017 is my year and I am more prepared for it than I was for 2016. One thing I decided I wanted to do was pick a new scent for the new year.

Ever since I began wearing perfumes and body sprays I have never stuck to one scent consistently. I have always had a few different scents and I just picked which ever I felt like using that day. I have never really spent a lot on a perfume for myself either. After receiving a £50 Debenhams voucher as one of my birthday presents I was looking really forward to hitting the town on black Friday and treating myself to lots of new makeup however when I went there the friend that I was with was picking out a new perfume because she wanted to change up her ‘scent’ and that’s when I thought, maybe I should treat myself to a pricey perfume and have a scent that I always wear and can be recognized by.

I wandered around Debenhams contemplating whether to actually splurge on a perfume or select some makeup but I knew I will always buy makeup but I would never really spend on a perfume so I came across the Hugo Boss stand and as soon as the sales woman sampled me the new for her perfume I fell in love with it! I came to and from the counter as I still was deciding whether to spend my voucher on a perfume. I was certain I wanted a new scent for the new year and the more I thought about it the more I wanted the perfume so I went back over to the counter and purchased a bottle of it and I don’t regret it at all!

I love this perfume so much. I use it almost everyday, although I did go a few days without using it because I do want it to last me and the scent stuck to my coat so that each day it still smelt as if I had just applied it! It is described as –

“An irresistible fragrance, unforgettable like a savored seduction, Exquisite notes of honeyed Peach, delicate Freesia bloom, captivating Osmanthus flower and intensely roasted Cocoa, seduce the senses”

As fancy as that sounds, I have to agree! the mention of peach and osmanthus flower makes sense as it has a fruity floral scent to it, very feminine of course! This gift would make the perfect Christmas present, I am sure they also do it in a set so that is worth checking out if your not sure what to get you friend, sister, mother or partner for Christmas!

Will you be choosing a new scent for the new year? Let me know in the comments below!



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