Blogmas Day 10 – Day 1-10 of Yankee Advent!


Last month I was a very lucky winner of a Yankee Advent Calendar competition. I have been a huge fan of Yankee Candles for the past year or 2, in my opinion they are the candle equivalent to Lush Cosmetics. They create a large variety of different scented candles and they have the perfect range of sizes. From just small tea lights to large jar candles there’s always something that doesn’t do too much damage to the bank account. My personal favourites are the votives’, they are very affordable, make cute gifts and you can choose your own jar to put the candle in; there are various stunning designs of jars. Yankee Candle are simply a very amazing candle company. The votives would make great stocking fillers and there are some very festive scents!

For day 10 of Blogmas I would like to share the tealight candles I have found behind the first 10 doors of my advent calendar! There are 6 different scents within the calendar and one other to find behind door 24. As there are 6 tealight shades I have found the same scented tealight behind more than 1 door but my lucky friends will be getting these!


The first scent is All is Bright. The only way I can describe the smell of this candle is like a fresh bar of soap. It smells so fresh, Once the tealight runs out I think I will purchase a votive candle in this scent. I love how it makes the room smell like its just had a full clean. Fresh is the only way I can explain the scent, I really like this candle!


The next scent is Festive Cocktail. I have only had one of these scented tealights in the calendar so far but I am definitely expecting more! It certainly is a festive cocktail of different berry scents all combined to create one sweet fragrance but nothing too sweet. This is definitely my favourite as I love these types of berry scented candles.


Next is a peculiar one, Macaroon Treats. In my opinion it smells like a stronger version of Christmas cookie. I don’t think I am a huge fan of this scent, I personally wouldn’t purchase myself but that being said, it isn’t an awful scent and I do like it but it is my least favourite compared to the other scents in the Advent Calendar. However the scent is perfect for this season!


Snowflake Cookie is one scent that I have always had my eye on in store, I love this scent! It has a very subtle smell, like a combination of marshmallows and buttercream if that makes any sense, scents are so hard to describe! I definitely would purchase this although I do have a votive sized one in this scent from last year that I still have yet to use, it is a very lovely scent!

Christmas Cookie is another one of my favourite scents from this calendar. It literally smells like a fresh batch of cookies! I always though smelling a Christmas scented candle  for too long may become sickly but I can’t get enough with this scent. It’s so unique and such a great idea for a candle scent, very similar to vanilla scented candles.


Last but most certainly not least is Star Anise and Orange. This scent is very different to the others, it smells quite zesty which you’d probably expect from the name but it is a lovely, very unique scent. It makes me want to go grab an orange to eat.. haha!

Those are the 6 tealight scents in the Yankee Holiday Party Advent Calendar. If you haven’t got an advent Calendar I definitely recommend this one! It is originally £24.99 but is down to £17.49 on the Yankee Candle website and you obviously get to open more than one door when you receive it. This is my favourite advent calendar to date, there’s nothing better than getting a new candle every morning! I love how versatile advent calendars are becoming and I hope to get my hands on a beauty one next year, let me know in the comments how you’re counting down to Christmas and don’t forget to check out yesterdays’ blogmas post here if you missed it!




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