Blogmas Day 9 – 25 Things to do before Christmas!


With the build up towards Christmas it may be hard to kill the time and make the most festive day of them all arrive sooner! To help out anyone who may be looking for things to do before Christmas I have created a list of 25 lovely and fun things to do! 

1. Have an advent calendar to count down

2. Bake Christmas cookies/treats

3. Create a Christmas playlist

4. Write a list to Santa

5. Treat yourself to someChristmas collections e.g makeup, lush or the body shop!

6. Watch elf

7. Plan a Christmas shopping day to pick up presents!

8. Visit your local Christmas markets

9. Light some Christmas scented candles

10. Eat chocolate

9. Put up some lights

10. Have a bubble bath

11. Create a wishlist

12. Watch vlogmas videos

13. Read Blogmas posts

14. Take a young family member to visit Santas grotto!

15. Indulge in a new book

16. Help someone out whether it be a family member, friend, neighbour or even the homeless your help will be much appreciated!

17. Buy a cute winter outfit

18. Wrap up gifts

19. Write out cards

20. Decorate your Christmas tree

21. Go for a winter wonder walk with some friends

22. Get together with friends and have a Christmas movie marathon with lots of snacks and face masks!

23. Buy a Christmas jumper

24. Donate to charity

25. Spread the festive spirit!!

Make it your goal to try and complete this list of things to do and watch how fast Santa arrives! Don’t forget to keep checking back for more Blogmas posts and read yesterday’s here



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