Blogmas Day 8 – Christmas Wishlist


Following the gift guides I have done for day 6 and day 7 to help out anyone who isn’t sure what to purchase for their fellow makeup addicts or female friends, family members or partner that may solve the question of “what do I buy people?” but there is nothing that sucks more than being asked “what would you like for Christmas?” and not having a response despite knowing in the back of your mind lives a wishlist longer than Santa’s list of present to send to all the little boys and girls. To help out anyone that may find themselves in this situation I have put together a few things on my wishlist which might give you ideas of what to ask for from your friends and family for Christmas if they are unsure of what to gift you.

First of all is the Makeup Forever Smokey Mascara. One of my best friends owns this mascara and it makes her lashes looks so long and beautiful without clumping them so I  would definitely love to own this myself as I am on the hunt for a new mascara to try out! The best part is the travel size is only £8 so it would make a good stocking filler too. It looks like an amazing mascara and definitely one worth adding to your Christmas wishlist if like myself you basically collect makeup!

Next is the Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer which I recently fell in love with after seeing it in Zoella’s November favourites. Firstly the size of the compact is amazing, it would last me forever and the way she described it really intrigued me, after reading around about the bronzer and looking at more reviews it was definitely sold to me however it is £33 which is a lot for someone to spend on a bronzer for themselves so if you do look into this and fall in love with it just like I did then it is definitely worth asking for as a Christmas present!

The third makeup product I have got my heart set on since it was released is the Too Faced Cosmetics Grande Hotel Cafe. It includes 3 festive, scented eye shadow palettes and the better than sex mascara. For £46 for all that you can’t really complain however the downside is it is no longer in stock on the Debenhams website and Too Faced website so the only way I could suggest to get your hands on it is through depop where someone may be selling it on if they don’t want it because that’s where I have been constantly checking as I decide whether to treat myself to it or not! It will be a tricky one for someone to get hold of but if you receive any money for Christmas it is definitely worth treating yourself to!

Something easier to get hold of and budget friendly is Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks. The holiday collection has been released on beauty bay today for just £16 which means free postage, what could be better?! I have wanted a Jeffree Star liquid lipstick since I first came across them. Androgyny and Gemini have my heart but from the holiday collection Designer blood and Pumpkin Pie are definitely on my wishlist this year!

Soap and Glory have some gorgeous Christmas sets this year. The She’s the gloss set and the Eyes box particularly stand out to me as they contain makeup but for bath lovers the Soaper Spa or Pink Pamper Set look very luxurious. Definitely worth looking into Soap and Glory if you’re unsure of what to ask for as they have such a range of wonderful gift sets!

Talking about bath lovers. LUSH! I’d love to receive anything from Lush as a Christmas present and its such an easy thing to ask for because it is budget friendly too. They have so many bath and shower products, there is something for everyone! I recently did a Lush Haul so check that out for some recommendations on a few of their products.

Moving away from beauty and onto fashion. Those pair of trainers you’ve had your eyes on all year? What better time to ask for them than at Christmas! I have my heart set on 2 different pairs. The Adidas Gazelles in pink which I have had my eyes on for so long and recently the Nike Classical Cortez in rose gold have definitely taken my heart. Being a lover of all things rose gold these trainers would be perfect for me although I am not sure how many outfits I could match them with… The Gazelles are definitely my number 1 trainer wants but the Classical Cortez are so beautiful, if you’re a rose gold addict just like me then they are worth looking into!

What girl doesn’t want fuzzy socks for Christmas?! You can pick up fuzzy socks for almost everywhere and anywhere and they’re perfect for this time of the year. I would definitely love a pair! To add to the comfort an over sized hoodie would be perfect. As much as I want an Adidas one even one from primark does the job as long as its over sized because that makes it so much more cosy and comfortable!

Last but not least is the Zoella Lifestyle range. Ever since this range was released I have wanted a few things from it. I purchased the planner myself but there is also the adorable Naps fix everything pillow that I definitely need and as I mentioned fuzzy socks before, what better way to receive them than with a candle? One of the Zoella Lifestyle gift sets is the lazy days fragrance candle with a cute pair of knitted grey socks! Thirdly, the rose gold inspire key ring from this range is super cute and definitely one for my wishlist so if you love rose gold and are a sucker for inspirational quotes then it is worth adding to your own wishlist!

That is one heck of a wishlist! It’s a shame Santa couldn’t get them for me… hehe!

In the comments let me know one thing that is on your wishlist!



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