Blogmas Day 7 – Gift Guide For Her

One of the most exciting things about Christmas if gifting. I love shopping for gifts for the important people in my life, I love seeing happiness fill them when they receive them. Shopping for others is one of my favourite things to do, not just at Christmas time but for birthdays too. However one thing that can be quite frustrating is being unsure of what to purchase for the wonderful people in my life so for anyone that may be in the same situation at this time of the year, especially if you have a long list of people to buy for, I have gathered together a few ideas of what might make great Christmas gifts for any female friend, family member or partner to hopefully help those out who are unsure of what to purchase for their loved ones this year or inspire an idea for another gift you could purchase for them!


First of all is this gorgeous rose gold portable charger and mirror compact in one!. I received this as a gift from my best friends for my birthday and I have taken it with me everywhere since. It is the perfect accessory and comes in so handy, I like to refer to it as my oxygen tank! It is the perfect gift for any female, it is such a gorgeous colour, any blogger on the rose gold hype would love this gift, it is very affordable and would also make a lovely stocking filler.


To match the rose gold portable charger is these super cute white and rose gold headphones! It’d make a perfect gift with the charger or even just on its’own. The quality of these headphones is amazing and they make every outfit look that much more cute! They are usually £25 from Debenhams but they’re £15 at the moment so if you want to gift these to someone then go grab them whilst they’re at this bargain price!



Next is an adorable gift for friends, A cuddle in a box. I have purchased these to gift to both of my best friends who I have banned from reading this post! hehe, I think these are so lovely, personal and heart felt. I like to give presents that are very meaningful and personal because they mean most to a person and are gifts that will be remembered and treasured for a very long time. My best friends have done so much for me so I thought that this would be a great way to show my appreciation for having them in my life.

I don’t think I have ever come across a female that doesn’t love candles. Candles are one of my favourite things to have around me. Whether it’s in my bedroom or surrounding a bath filled with bubbles, I couldn’t think of a better thing to help relax yourself than having candles lit nearby. At this time of the year Christmas scented candles are favourited by many people or you could go for a vanilla scented candles that can be lit all year round. I have a few Yankee Candles I have saved from last year to light this year during the festive season so I highly recommend Yankee if you would like to gift someone candles as they have very affordable candles and a variety of gorgeous scents!

To complete my Christmas gift guide I have to add in the planner from the Zoella Lifestyle range. With the new year not far off this is the cutest planner anyone could own and the  best part is that it doesn’t have fixed dates in it so you can use it during a busy week and if you don’t need to plan much for a few more weeks then that’s completely fine because you can use this as you go, whenever it suits you. The to do list is so useful it has definitely helped me out with blogmas planning and the post it notes are helpful to jot down small reminders on. The quote on the front is also very motivating, it would make a great gift for a blogger!

If you have a makeup junkie in your life then yesterdays’ gift guide for a makeup addict might help you out even more but if not I hope this post has given you some ideas of what you could purchase for the females in your life!



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