Blogmas Day 5 – Why I love Winter!


The shorter days, the longer nights, the crisp cold air, wrapping up warm, the atmosphere and festive spirit dancing around the town. These are just a few of the many things I love about winter. Bubble baths are far more enjoyable and irresistible at this time of the year, lights out, candles lit surrounding the bath whilst you can relax in the warm water as it caresses your skin. Coming out and having a fresh set of pyjamas and fuzzy socks to hop into followed by perhaps a delicious hot chocolate piled with cream and marshmallows. There is something about this time of the year that makes it so much more exciting and unique compared to any other month, I guess it’s true when they say save the best till last.


Christmas music. It’s just the very best, I love getting my Christmas playlist up and listening to festive songs on the way to and from college, it definitely wakes me up in the mornings and puts me in such a good mood! Blogmas and Vlogmas just add to the excitement, hundreds of bloggers and vloggers spend each day up until Christmas preparing content for their loyal audience and I am taking part in blogmas myself for the second time on my blog and hopefully next year I may just be doing vlogmas!


Now lets’ talk about the shopping. Christmas shopping is the best! Whether it be for gifts or after Christmas in the hectic sales! The whole experience is much more adrenaline infused during this season but that makes it so much more fun, well until you’re fighting over the last item of its kind I guess! I love buying others gift which is one of the main reasons as to why I love Christmas, I am so excited to give my friends their presents this year!


Christmas decorations. They’re so eye catching and beautiful. Stunning Christmas trees peeping out of thousands of windows. Different sizes, colours and decorations. Each tree so unique. Houses covered in beautiful lights. The whole world lights up during Christmas time not just in decoration but in spirit. You see more people out and about. I feel as though I don’t actually realise how many people there are until I visit the town center at this time of the year. I don’t know how to explain how better the atmosphere is but I’m sure if you love Christmas you get exactly what I mean!


Christmas films are hands down some of the best films out there! I mentioned a few of my favourites in yesterdays’ blog post. Getting cosy under the duvet and popping on a film is my favourite way to spend a cold winter evening! Winter fashion is another reason I love this time of the year. I basically live in jumpers, they are so cosy and there is such a variety of jumpers out there each outfit looks completely different. I also love wearing boots so this really compliments my winter outfit choices and I have also purchased a new coat which I will be featuring in an upcoming winter outfit post so keep your eyes peeled for that!





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