Blogmas Day 3 – Manchester Christmas Markets!


Most people who live in and near Manchester look forward to this time of the year solely for the festive Christmas markets in the town center! There are various festive market stalls from Christmas gift ideas to tasty festive treats if you have not yet visited these spectacular stalls then you definitely need to and for anyone visiting Manchester during this time of the year the markets are definitely not to be missed. They just add to the atmosphere and in a strange way despite how packed the markets can be they are never not enjoyable. No matter how many times I visit them I get just as excited as I did the first time and run around like an excited little elf! I have captured some pictures of the markets on a day out into the town center so that anyone who won’t have the chance to visit them this year can still see how lovely they look and get that rush of Christmas excitement in their veins!

For those who haven’t visited the Manchester Christmas Markets yet I suggest you do it is so festive and you can also pick up great Christmas gifts at such good prices!

Check out yesterdays’ blogmas post here and stay tuned for Day 4 of Blogmas coming tomorrow!



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