Blogmas Day 2 – It’s a Lush Christmas


Every year one of the things I most look forward to is the release of Lush Cosmetics christmas products. I can’t be the only one who prefers to have baths in the winter rather than summer. As much as I love bubble baths all year round, nothing beats the comfort of coming in from the cold into a nice hot bath, lights off, candles on and I always have my Christmas playlist at hand to completely relax me. Ever since first using Lush products there is no other brand I prefer to use for baths although the body shop does come extremely close! As soon as I first heard of Lush Christmas products being bought into stores I headed down to my local store in the Manchester Arndale Center and with the help of the super friendly staff I treated myself to a few bath products to get me through this cold season but I’m not complaining!



Firstly I picked up the Peeping Santa Bubble Bar because I treated my younger sister to this last year but haven’t tried it myself and it’s such a cute  bubble bar I couldn’t resist! The best part about bubble bars is you can use them more than once unlike a bath bomb which you have to use all at once so I know I will definitely get the most out of this festive bubble bar and lets be honest, it’s just so cute!


Next I picked up the Star Dust bath bomb. This bath bomb smells amazing! It’s so luxurious and when I was in store one of the lovely bath members demonstrated this to me and when I put my hands in the jug of water my skin felt so soft afterwards so I can’t wait to try this one out in the bath!


I used the Magic Wand Bubble Bar last year and loved it so I had to make sure I picked it up again. I love the bubble bars on sticks they’re just a lot easier to use as you can hold the stick when holding the bubble bar under running tap water and in all honesty they just look nicer and make great gifts too! The silver bow in the stick is cute and the bubble bar itself smells sweet and is one of my favourite Lush scents!


A new addition to this years Lush Christmas collection is the Ruby Red Slipper, because, because, because, because, becauseeee, because of the wonderful things it does! This little beauty has a more spicy cinammon scents which I love because that is such a lovely scent at this time of the year and to be sat in the bath with this bubble bar and Christmas scented candles, what could be more perfect?! The bubble bar itself is super cute and I am so excited to try this!

They are the 4 Lush Cosmetic products I decided to treat myself to and who knows, I may go back for more before then end of blogmas for A lush Christmas Haul 2.0! Let me know in the comments what your favourite product is from the Lush Christmas Collection or just from Lush in general!

Stay tuned for blogmas day 3 tomorrow and read Day 1 here!



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