Highlight Heaven!

Over the past year or two the desire to glow has increased throughout the beauty world, nothing completes a full face of makeup without a glistening highlight to enhance your cheekbones! In the past year I have tried various highlighters and I was even lucky enough to get my hands on the limited edition, Jaclyn Hill x Becca Cosmetics Face Palette! I love how one product can completely pull a look together.

First of all I began with the Kiko Cosmetics eye shadow in the shade 208 which is widely use as a multi purpose product, not just for eye shadow but also to create a flawless highlight. For such an affordable price this product is amazing! It is highly pigmented and applies the perfect amount of product very smoothly and easily to create an effortless glow.The eye shadow itself is very eye catching, a beautiful gold swirled pattern that looks so luxurious. I definitely recommend this as a highlighter, it looks gorgeous when highlighting the inner corner of your eye too! It is an affordable item, perfect for anyone starting out with makeup but still so high in quality it is also great for any starting out makeup artist to add into their kit!

Moving on to The Balm Cosmetics Mary Lou-Manizer. You have to be living under a rock if your a makeup junkie that has not heard of this product as it is massively hyped. This gorgeous highlighter is very different to the previous one as it is not as gold but the quality of it is just as good if not better! You get a decent sized compact pan which has lasted me at least 7 months and I have only just started to see the indent of the pan coming through, considering I use it almost daily the longevity of the entire product itself is very good. With longevity of the product once applied I must say it lasts me practically all day with just one top up but that’s probably just me trying to ensure my highlight is constantly super intense so I can blind bitches! The Mary Lou-Manizer is definitively worth the hype and worth picking up if you haven’t tried it already and for £17.50 which is fairly high priced you get exactly what you pay for!

Last but not least is the mesmerizing Jaclyn Hill x Becca Face Palette! I am so lucky to have gotten hold of this as it is a limited edition palette, it was restocked on Sephora due to high demand with Christmas approaching but they have all sold out now so I do not think anymore will be returning but for anyone that has ordered it I can assure you that you will not be disappointed! This palette features the much loved and well known Champagne pop highlighter (which is still available for purchase on its own) as well as the addition of Prosseco Pop highlighter and 3 blush shades, Rosé Spritz, Amaretto which I like to use as a subtle bronzer and Pamplemousse. Both highlight shades are the most gorgeous highlighters I own, they have very high pigmentation and longevity and the shimmer in them is just stunning! The blush shades are also highly pigmented and blend super easily, a little goes a long way which is great as the product will therefore last longer and that is exactly what you want with something that is limited edition! The packaging itself is very classy and prestige, it may be the most expensive palette I own but it is without doubt worth every penny! For those that didn’t manage to get their hands on it I highly recommend you purchase Champagne Pop on its own in order to completely transform your makeup game!

I have not been disappointed in any of these products they are definitely worth picking up! What is your holy grail highlighter? Comment or tweet me!


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