Nyx Cosmetics Foundation Review!

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Recently I got to that point where I had run out of my favourite foundation but also my bank account was almost empty so I couldn’t afford to splurge on even just an average drugstore foundation. As I have used various Nyx Cosmetics products previously such as the contour palette and many lip products I decided to pick up their Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation, it was only £6 and I didn’t think I could be disappointed with any of their products, it was a reasonable size and very affordable however I didn’t get along with it as much as I hoped to…

Fair enough, I couldn’t have expected an A* coverage from such a low priced foundation but Nyx Cosmetics are known for their low prices yet high quality. At first I didn’t think much of it, I used the foundation as usual in the morning, built up more than one layer and the coverage was basic but nothing less than what I expected. After using the foundation daily for just over 2 weeks I was coming to the realization that no matter how much of the product I used or which brushes/sponges I used to blend it, the coverage was awful… the foundation would be extremely dry around my under eye area and by the time I returned from college it was very patchy around the centre of my face and my cheeks. I did use the entire product which lasted me approximately 2-3 months as it wasn’t completely unusable but I definitely will not be repurchasing it. I wouldn’t recommend this foundation unless you were just starting out with makeup as it does have some sort of coverage, it just doesn’t have a very good longevity.

For just approximately £2 more I got far better coverage from the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation which I used for very long. I purchased the Nyx Cosmetics foundation as I was on a low budget and had been using the same foundation for a while so I wanted to try something new, I am now trying out the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation which I will be reviewing in the foreseeable future so keep an eye out for that! My not so great experience with this foundation doesn’t mean I will stop purchasing products from Nyx Cosmetics as I was extremely impressed with their Nyx Highlight and Contour Palette Pro, I use one of the contour shades in this palette over my Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer! I just don’t think I will be re purchasing or recommending the foundation. I would rate it a 5/10.

If you have tried this foundation let me know your opinions on it in the comments or tweet me! If there are any foundations you highly recommend I would love to hear what they are as I will be trialing various foundations over the next year!

Hope this review gave you a good insight into this foundation! I do feel terrible for ‘bad mouthing’ one of my favourite brands but I will always be honest with my wonderful readers!



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