*Back to School/College Stationary Haul!!

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So it is that dreaded time of the year where everyone is returning to school, college or even starting their first day at a new school/college but like most people I know I quite look forward to a new start, new people and… NEW STATIONARY! Ever since I was younger I have had a stationary addiction, I remember constantly taking trips to Wilkinsons for their cute rubbers and funky pens until I owned practically every piece of stationary they stocked and when my parents got fed up of me constantly purchasing stationary I would join my friends on a bench at break time all with our pencil cases at hand ready for a ‘Swaps session’ where we would swap a piece of our stationary for someone elses, it was so much fun. No matter how old you get I do not believe it is possible to grow out of stationary, their are so many styles and qualities you can never have enough. Personally I love getting together new books and a whole new pencil case to start a new academic year.

Going into my second year of college I had a much better idea of how much stationary I would need such as a 400 page notebook rather than a 100 page notebook as I went through around 3 notebooks last year just for Law! I require a folder for each subject besides photography and then some pens and coloured pens are necessary for note making. I also wanted a cute diary and as I love quotes I found the perfect academic diary for me for just £1 in poundland! I never really stick to diaries, I have always seen them as a chore but I know for sure to start keeping organised with deadlines, exam dates and work schedules it is a necessity! I also was looking around for some cute notebooks with inspirational quotes on the cover so that I will always feel motivated before opening the book to make notes but everywhere I looked they were extremely over priced until I came across the wonderful brand, Chroma Stationary!

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Chroma stationary are all about creating good quality notebooks that don’t break the bank! They have very minimalist designs in various colours as they believe colours trigger emotions from memories of people, places and life. They provide a variety of 20 different colours in 4 styles of notebooks. The best part is they offer a free embossing service allowing you to have any quote or words you like embossed onto the front cover of your notebook. They also stock customisable pens and stationary pun pencil cases! They even have gift cards which could make the perfect gift for a friend especially with Christmas coming up! I was very lucky to receive a notebook from the spectacular company and I chose to have “Dreams don’t work unless you do” embossed onto the cover in gold writing as I love this quote because it is so simple but very meaningful and motivating. I absolutely love my notebook it is so cute and exactly what I have been looking for. If you would like to purchase your own Chroma Stationary Notebook then click here, In my honest opinion their online store is amazing, very affordable and I will be making some purchases very soon because of how much I love the notebook!

As well being lucky enough to have this beauty in my college stationary collection I also went to Asda as they always have an aisle dedicated to stationary at this time of the year. I picked up a 400 page refil pukka pad as  I like how easy the pages are to remove so I can then place them in my folder. I also picked up a super cute pink and white stripey notebook that also has 400 pages which I will be using for my Law notes. The NU folders are just what I need to keep my subject folders separate and organised so I picked up one white one and a black one. For writing I picked up these adorable Papermate Mini Biro Pens that consist of a variety of colours, perfect for making note stand out! A pack of 10 Bic Round Stic Blue Pens are perfect for me as I prefer to write in blue because I heard somewhere that psychologically it is much easier to memorize notes made in blue ink than black and I used these pens last year to find they work really well! Last but not least I picked up a ruler because I always seem to find myself needing one and never being able to find one!

These are all my necessities to get me through the second year of college! Hope you enjoyed this little insight into my stationary!


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6 thoughts on “*Back to School/College Stationary Haul!!

  1. Sarah says:

    I got a pack of 8 colourful Papermate pens too – great minds 😉 I’m loving everything you bought. Good luck with your second year.

    Sarah | sarahinwonderland.co.uk ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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