Lush Cosmetics Butterfly Gift Box!!

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Hey guys!

Like many others I love to try various cleansing products as apposed to sticking to a regular supermarket soap. Lush Cosmetics is a brand that has rocketed in success and popularity over the past few years and if you haven’t tried any of their luxurious bath bombs or refreshing face masks yet then you’re really missing out! Recently a young child at my place of work was leaving and unexpectedly I recieved this wonderful gift from him, I was so gutted to see him leave he was a very well behaved and talented child and I was in awe after receiving the gift, it was the perfect gift for me! I was very eager to get home and unbox it but being a blogger, many of you will know, No unboxing until pictures have been taken, that’s the rules! So I took some pictures, did an unboxing on my snapchat (Desire4Beauty) and began to start using the products, ready for a review on my blog!

Visually, this gift is very appealing. It was wrapped in a beautiful, vibrant, butterfly patterned wrapping paper which I couldn’t have unwrapped any quicker if I tried! Inside the box were to products I have not tried before. Ro’s Argan body conditioner and Serendipity soap. When going to Lush myself, I usually pick up a handful of bath bombs and bubble bars leaving me no option but to skip the other skincare products for the sake of my damaged bank account so to be able to try different products is very exciting!

Firstly I was very exciting to use the Argan body conditioner as I love products that contain Argan! I use Argan Oil as I have dry skin and this really helps keep it hydrated so I hoped the body conditioner would do the same for me and it has! I apply it all over my body after a shower and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and brand new! The consistency is just right and super smooth, it nourishes my skin! It has a very lovely fresh smell and is all round a perfect product. In all honesty Lush never fail to disappoint me, I will definitely be picking this product up again if it is sold individually as I have completely fallen in love with it!

Next is the Serendipity soap. This has a much stronger scent but nothing revolting it just isn’t the typical sweet scent I prefer but it does still smell lovely. Due to having eczema I have always been advised to avoid using soap and use certain hand washes prescribed to me by the doctor as soaps dry out my skin but this one has done the complete opposite! My hands feel super soft after I use it and they smell so nice. I don’t think I would repurchase the soap but I will be using it all up, perhaps by then I may change my mind but I am not keen on the purple residue it leaves when I leave the soap at the side of the sink, it’s easy to clean up but is something I would rather not add to my list of chores if it can be avoided so for that reason I wouldn’t repurchase, I may however look at try a different Lush Cosmetics Soap that is not coloured but besides that I do like the soap and how wonderful it works for my skin.

This gift box is an all round perfect gift for someone as it was for me!



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