I bought more MAC Lipsticks!

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Hey guys!!

So if you are following me over on twitter or Instagram you may be aware that a month ago I went on holiday. Every blogger or makeup addict, like myself, looks more forward to a Duty Free splurge than the actual holiday! As soon as I had gone through all the airport controls I ascended up the escalators into heaven.Surrounded my glorious high end counters I made my way over to the MAC counter as fast as I possibly could. So far I only owned one MAC lipstick in the shade Velvet Teddy and wanted to start growing my lipstick collection. At first I intended to pick up Verve and Brave but both of these shades were out of stock so instead I purchased Twig and Whirl. One thing that disappointed me a little was the price. Only a few years ago Duty Free sold MAC lipsticks for £10.50 making a real good saving compared to the high street price but when I went this time they are now £14.49, only £1.01 cheaper than usual, I did hesitate at first because I thought I could still purchase them on the next shopping spree I have with my friends but I had the money, wanted to treat myself and I was still saving myself a little bit of money so I went ahead and purchased them!

Whirl is a gorgeous matte nude shade. It is more towards a brown nude than a pinky nude which is definitely something I have been looking for! It applies very easily unless I have quite dry lips but with my trusty MAC Lip Conditioner this is no problem for me! It is very pigmented and although it does transfer it lasts quite long I only have to re-apply it once throughout the day!

Twig is a beautiful satin lipstick. This is also a nude shade but more of a pinky nude! I think I will use this in my everyday routine and then switch to whirl in Autumn. Even with dry lips due to this having a Satin finish it is very soft and still applies smoothly. Again this lipstick does transfer but still only requires on re-application for it to last all day.

I am very happy with both of these lipsticks and can’t wait to grow my collection of MAC lipsticks further! If your looking for a pinky nude lipstick I highly recommend twig and if you are looking for a browny nude I highly recommend whirl! MAC Cosmetics have an amazingly wide variety of gorgeous lipsticks with many shades and finishes, alongside Urban Decay they are some of my favourite high end lipsticks everything about them is perfect from the wonderful product itself to the sleek and classy packaging! If you do not yet own any MAC Lipsticks then what are you waiting for! Get out there and pick some up! If you have dry lips I recommend get a Satin finish lipstick unless, like myself, you fall head over heels in love with a matte finish shade just pick up the lip conditioner so you can effortlessly make a matte lipstick still work!

If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment also let me know your favourite lipstick as I am planning a lipstick splurge soon!




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