*My All Time Shaviour!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Hey guys!
I am back with a much overdue blog post but nonetheless one I have been very excited to write! The wonderful brand Friction Free Shaving reached giving the opportunity to try out their razors which they claim to be cleaner, sharper and irritation free in comparison to any other razor. It sounds amazing right? well I’ve tried it out and I am here to tell you just how amazing it is! As much as we hate to admit it, ladies, we hardly change our razors anywhere near as much as we should which is the main cause for skin irritation but with Friction Free Shaving your shaving routine will be at its utmost best!

Firstly a little introduction to Friction Free Shaving. It is a subscription style purchase and they deliver a new razor to your door every month for as long as you like. Sounds perfect to me! No need to go out and overpay for blades that you will just overuse when Friction Free Shaving can bring them to your door each month! They have 3 different razors, Faye, Frankie and Samantha. The little beauty I recieved is Samantha who has a vitamin E lubricated strip leaving my skin with a silky finish. With Samantha you can receive 4 razor refills per month which allows you to change your razor each week and each one consists of 5 steel razor blades and a guard trimmer blade to get to those hard to reach areas. This may be a sponsored post but I am always 100% honest with my readers so I am being legit when I say this is by far the best razor I have ever used and I, myself will continue to purchase new blades each month it is such a useful and easy concept not only does it make shaving easier it improves your hygiene as you don’t even see changing the razor head as any effort because of how simple and affordable it is.

The packaging is also very sleek and the perfect size to fit through your letter box so you don’t have to worry about staying at home and waiting for your razor to arrive in fear it may end up next door waiting for you there. The idea of having to nip round to my neighbours to collect my razor delivery isn’t a thrilling thought for an introvert like myself so anyone out there like me will love the concept of how it can just fit effortlessly through your letter box! The handle itself is very prestige and it looks worth a lot more than it actually is. Say goodbye to razor bumps and unflattering rashes that cause FFS moments whilst you shave the classy way with a beautiful gold razor leaving your legs smoother than my pick up lines with a more postive FFS, Friction Free Shaving!

If you have anymore questions about Friction Free Shaving don’t hesitate to comment, tweet me or ask me over on Instagram!



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