Shaaanxo Palette Review&Swatches!!


Hey guys!!

Today I have a review for you all. I am a huge fan of the YouTuber Shannon Harris mostly known as Shaanxo, The amazing owner of xoBeautyShop which is a high quality brand that produces false lashes, jewellery and makeup brushes! In April the gorgeous beauty vlogger and makeup artist collaborated with bhcosmetics to create the must have Shaaanxo 18 colour eye shadow and lipstick palette! This beautiful palette consists of 2 sides. One which contains a variety of 9 beautiful, pigmented eye shadows and the other side which contains 9 lipsticks from simple nudes to bold reds/purples.

Firstly the eye shadows. The shades are so versatile, There are 4 matte shades. A light cream shade that works well as a brow bone highlight or a base colour. On the second row there is a pale orange shade which is an amazing transfer shade. At the end of the second row is a burnt red shade that looks beautiful in the crease it has to be my favourite crease shade and it can also be used all over the lid with the matte charcoal shade at the end of the third row blended into the crease to create an evening smokey eye!

In the palette there are also 5 shimmer shades. The second shade on the first row is a gorgeous pearly white shade, perfect for the inner corner! The third shade on the first row is a beautiful champagne pink shade that would look gorgeous in the centre of the lid! On the second row the middle shade is a shimmery bronze that again I think would look stunning in the centre of the lid or even all over with a matte shade in the crease! The first shade of the third row is a shimmery purple and the second shade in this row is a shimmery taupe/brown shade. All matte and shimmer shades are very pigmented which I did not expect considering how affordable the palette is!

My favourite eye shadow combination is one I wear most days, this is using the first cream shade all over my lid and the burnt red shade blended into the crease and outer corner, it is so effortless but looks amazing!

Moving on to the lipstick half of the palette. In my honest opinion I have not really used a lot of these shades yet as the 6 shades in the second and third column are all shades I wouldn’t really wear everyday however the shades in the first column are beautiful nudes that I have tried out and loved but I do feel I need to work with them more to have a solid view on them. The beautiful deep red in the middle of the bottom row is one I feel would be the perfect shade to wear in Autumn.

I feel you’re either an eye shadow addict or a lipstick lover. I believe I am an eye shadow addict and that is why this palette is one of my favourites that I own. If you are a lipstick lover it is also amazing as you can get to work with the shades differently. The variety of lipstick shades gives the perfect opportunity to create a gorgeous ombre! They go on so nicely and the formula doesn’t feel too dry on the lips but I am not going to deny that I prefer to reach for my tube lipsticks rather than using a brush to apply these.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Overall I honestly think this palette is a must have. For the price especially, it is $14.50 which in the UK is around £10 and to have it shipped over here was about £5 so it cost me approximately £15 all together which I think is such a good price for the quality of the product and considering it is being shipped over! I give this palette an 8/10 and that is taking into consideration that I don’t really use the lipsticks often. Not only the contents of the palette  but even the packaging is amazing! It is an adorable baby pink colour and each half has a small mirror on the inner flap kinda thing. It is definitely a great palette to own if you are starting out with makeup too!

If you have any more questions about this palette then let me know in the comments!

I’ll be back soon with another post!



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