Summer Essentials 2016!!

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Hey guys!

I finished my final exam today which means I can finally breathe! Now I can completely chill out I decided to write a blog post I have planned for a while now and that is my summer essentials for this year. The weather has been so gorgeous in the UK the past week and I hope it stays that way. Summer is just around the corner and I have been using certain things more frequently than I have been throughout the rest of the year which I consider to be my summer essentials so I would like to share these with you guys!

Firstly is one for skincare. I have been using the Aveeno Moisturizer for many years now after having it prescribed to me by my doctor for my eczema and I don’t know what I would do if I hadn’t discovered this! I apply it every morning before my makeup and every night once I have removed it and  when I am not wearing makeup I will consistently apply the Aveeno moisturizer throughout the day. I feel this is a summer essential as when the weather gets hotter my skin gets irritated a lot more so if I am using this to keep my skin moisturized it means there is a less of a chance that my skin will become irritated. This is my holy grail moisturizer and there is nothing I recommend more.

Next is a primer. When it is really warm a primer is necessary to keep your makeup intact all day so you don’t sweat it all off, ew gross i know… A primer I have been using for a few months now is the Nivea Mens Sensitive Post Shave Balm. It works wonderfully as a primer and keeps my makeup in place all day. I highly recommend this as a primer. It is so hydrating and I love the formula, a little goes a long way!

As Jeffree Star says, This is glow season!!! What better way to glow than with the gorgeous Mary Lou Manizer on your cheeks to blind bitches! This is the best highlighter I have tried so far and if you have not jumped on the bandwagon yet then what are you doing?! I will definitely be using this all summer to keep my cheeks glowing all through glow season and beyond!

If you saw my May Favourites you will know that I have been loving the Victoria Secret Body Mist in the scent Pure Daydream. It has a gorgeous sweet scent perfect to keep topping up throughout the day. It lasts so long unlike most sprays that loose their scent after an hour. I definitely recommend you pick up a Victoria Secret spray this summer to keep you smelling gorgeous all day!

My final summer essential is something I am sure everyone has as an essential when the sun is out. SUNGLASSES!! I picked up these gorgeous sunglasses from H&M. H&M have an amazing range of sunglasses so if you’re looking for a pair I recommend you go there! They have a very wide variety of sunglasses in many different styles and they’re so affordable, I love mine!

So there we go, my summer essentials complete! I hope everyone has a great summer this year. Let me know in the comments what your summer plans are and your number one essential!

I’ll post again soon my lovelies!



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