What’s in my makeup bag (bags…)

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Hey guys!!

Welcome back to my little land of beauty on the internet filled with rose gold buildings, ring lights and a mixture or marble and glossy white work tops everywhere waiting for the perfect flatlay to be captured upon… Oh how I wish!

In the past month or so my blog has become a constant repetition of monthly favourites and monthly blogger interviews as with exams they are all I have had time to stick to and I haven’t really done anything much different but I am bringing back in the reviews, essentials, wishlists and more so come back regularly and don’t miss out on my upcoming posts! Today I want to share with you the makeup that comes along with me when I leave the house. I am sure I can’t be the only one but I have to use more than one makeup bag to hold all of my essentials, one for makeup and one for brushes!

Firstly, the makeup! You never know when you may need a top up or a quick coverage in patchy areas. With my luck when I bring all of my essentials I rarely need them yet when I forget my foundation goes patchy, my lashes start to drop and my bronzer needs further bronzing so I try to bring everything with me whenever I can remember, better safe than sorry ey!

My foundation always comes with me as on the rare occasion I will get patchy around my nose and mouth, this hasn’t really happened since I have started using the Nivea Post Shave Balm as a primer and if you are surprised by that then you have sure been living under a rock but in brief the wonderful NikkieTutorials introduced it into the beauty world as a holy grail primer! Also I have been using the Urban Decay Setting Spray but nonetheless I still need my foundation with me just in case and the foundation I swear by is the Rimmel Lasting Finish, it has amazing coverage and blends so well making it quick and easy to patch up my makeup!

Concealer is my alternative to a foundation when it comes to patching up, I used to Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer which has wonderful coverage and is more efficient if there is only a small area that need some more coverage as apposed to getting out a foundation bottle. The L’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Concealer works wonderfully to highlight with and I will use this if any areas of my face need brightening but I rarely need to reach for this in my makeup bag so I wouldn’t say it is an essential but you never know when you might need it! (so I tell myself…)

The one product I will reach for the most is a powder to keep my makeup set and just to prevent patchiness before it happens. For a while I used to Collection Sheer Loose Powder which is amazing as you can get a lot of coverage with one swoop of the product on the brush but as it is a loose powder it can also be quite messy so I now use the Collection Pressed Powder which is pretty much the same thing except it is a pressed powder. I love collection powders as they are so affordable yet still work wonderfully, I definitely recommend them!

For eye makeup, I will bring my eyeliner, this is a good one to keep in your makeup bag especially if you have hay fever because regular eye watering can lead to eye liner smudging but if you have a liquid eye liner in your bag then it will save the day! I highly recommend the Miss Sporty Studio Lash Liquid Liner it’s so affordable and applies so nicely! For beginners the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen Carbon Black Extreme is amazing as it gives you a lot more control over the product application! An eye pencil is definitely also an essential, I use it almost as regularly as the powder because I still have yet to find an eye pencil that lasts on my waterline without fading so until I do I will just keep topping it up throughout the day if I have time! Mascara is also a common one as when the lashes begin to frown all you have do is whip out the mascara and give them life again! I swear by the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara What’s better than having eye lashes darker than my soul and as long as my bucket list?! Although if my lashes were as long as my bucket list I am pretty sure I will make it into the Guinness book of world records…

Moving on to cheek products! We MUST keep that contour super sharp! The Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt Palette in the shade C04 consists of a gorgeous highlighting powder and a very pigmented bronzer but I mainly keep this on me for the highlighter as the bronzer is far too pigmented to use mid day when topping up my makeup as it takes a lot of blending. For bronzer I keep the Maybelline Master Sculpt with me as it is not as pigmented but recently I purchased the Cargo Bronzer which I am beginning to prefer as it is not too strong but still works so well when topping up my bronzer!

Last but not least, the lips! My favourite lipstick to date is the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Lipstick in the shade ex-girlfriend as it is such a subtle nude and goes well everyday with any look I love it! I do believe it is now out of stock so I haven’t linked it but if you pop to your nearest Urban Decay counter you might get lucky! Whatever lipstick or lip product I put on in the morning always comes out with me in my makeup bag for regular top ups but this one is still always with me as it’s good to have a variety in case I want to switch it up during the day!

Onto brushes! It’s not exactly a brush but it does a much better job, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is what I use to patch up my makeup with foundation or concealer. It blends it in really easily and quickly! I carry 2 powder brushes with me, the No7 Powder brush and the Makeup Revolution F104 brush. Both are amazing at blending powder and the makeup revolution brush is also great for lightly bronzing my face with the cargo bronzer which I mentioned earlier.

For cheeks I also keep with me my Makeup Revolution F105 brush which is an angled contour brush, great for being precise if my contour begins to fade which to be honest rarely happens but as I said before, better safe than sorry! I also take my Real Techniques Contour Brush which I got as part of the Core Collection Brush Kit, it is similar to a tapered brush and great for highlighter or bronzer. Another good brush for highlighter is my Jazooli Fan Brush, I got it in a set which I mentioned in one of my first blog posts and I have only recently discovered how great it is for applying highlight!

I must always have my 2 favourite eye shadow brushes with me! The No7 Eye Colour brush and the Makeup Revolution E103 brush which is a great blending brush just in case part way through the day I feel I need to add to my eye shadow or blend it some more!

They are all the brushes I keep with me that I actually use but I still throw in a few others just in case I need them so I’d just advise to always keep your best brushes with you. My Brushes are my babies!

Leave me a comment letting me know what your number 1 essential beauty item is and also what posts you would like to see next!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!



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