March Favourites 2016!!

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Hey guys!!

Ugh, I am getting so behind with blogging, my notebook is full of ideas but exam season is just round the corner… Nonetheless I have finally got round to getting my March favourites up, it is slightly late like my February favourites but better late than never! All of my favourites for this month are beauty products so without further ado lets get straight into it!

First of all is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation! There has been a huge hype around this foundation in the blogging community, I know that it is most certainly a favourite of Zoella’s! (Zoe Sugg). I came across a voucher on Estee Lauders’ website which allowed me to get a 10 day sample so when I  next came across one of their makeup counters I got myself matched and was given a sample of foundation! I have used it a few times now and at first was unsure of how it was supposed to last me 10 days but a little goes a long way! It does not have a very creamy consistency like the foundation I usually use, Rimmel London Lasting Finish, but I think this is a plus as it doesn’t feel very heavy on the face yet has such good coverage and does not go patchy in certain areas throughout the day! At first I thought it looked no different to the regular drugstore foundation I use but throughout the day and various times of using it I noticed such a huge difference in how long it lasts and how fresh it stays looking, I absolutely love the coverage and how weightless it is, I am even considering purchasing the full size product! This has definitely been one of my favourites of March even if I did only try it in the last week or 2 of the month!

Moving on to another hyped product. Nivea Mens Post Shave Balm! I am pretty sure most of you reading this may be aware that this has been known as an extremely good primer in the beauty world! I have been trialing this for around a month now and I can certainly say that I agree! It makes my makeup last so much longer and keeps it looking as fresh as it was when I first applied it, especially with the double wear foundation! I am hoping to do an in depth review on this soon so I won’t go into too much detail now but I can’t express enough how much you need to try this as a primer if you haven’t already!

If you read my recent Haul Post you will know that I finally got myself another Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge! This is my holy grail of makeup applicators. It is so soft and covers a lot of area because once you soak it under water it expands! I can apply my foundation so much quicker with this as apposed to using a foundation brush which works in my favour when I am running late for college or work! The pointed edge is also great for getting in smaller areas like around your nose or under your eyes. If I could only use one makeup applicator for the rest of my life it would definitely be this!

I am just beginning to realise this haul is basically all base products! Next is the Collection Translucent Loose Powder. I wanted to try baking but with a cheaper loose powder to start with and considering this was only £2.99 it worked amazingly! It is super brightening if you use it to bake your under eyes but also works well to set your whole face of makeup although it does get everywhere if you use it to set your whole face as it is a loose powder but I would still definitely recommend it if you are looking at trying baking but are not sure where to start!

I recently purchased the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer. In my honest opinion, it is not a very good concealer, I just don’t think its creamy enough to give enough coverage under the eye. However, It works beautifully as a highlight! I have been using it as a brow bone highlighter and it is super brightening, it could also be used to brighten the under eye area once you have concealed it with a different concealer. I am very happy with this product as I thought I would be let down by L’Oreal again as I had no luck with a product of theirs I purchased before this but that is a story for another day! I love this concealer and the packaging is probably the only reason I bought it, what can I say ey, I am a sucker for anything rose gold!

And my final 2 favourites are eye shadow brushes! There is the Makeup Revolution E103 brush which is the fluffy head one and the No7 Eye Colour brush which is the flat head one in the picture above. I have been wearing eye shadow almost everyday for the last few months and these are my holy grail of eye shadow applicators! The Makeup revolution brush works like a dream when it comes to blending eye shadow and the No7 brush is amazing at applying eye shadow to the whole lid giving a nice and even coverage! it picks up a lot of product and applies it very precisely. These 2 brushes are my dream team!

So that is my March favourites complete! I know that there was not a large variety of products but I honestly haven’t come across a lot of products this month that have the ‘Wow Factor’ other than these above but I have a lot of products on my shopping list this month that I hope to bring to you in my next favourites if they are what I hope!

I shall post again soon my lovely readers!



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