Flatlay Photography/Instagram Feed!!

Hey guys!

Since December i began putting a lot more effort into my Instagram feed and created a Christmas theme then once Christmas was over I decided to stick to a makeup theme. I never thought I would become someone who was obsessed with how their Instagram looks or sticking to a theme but it’s easier said than done ey! I decided to share some of the pictures from my Instagram with you guys because I have been wanting to share some of these pictures on my blog for those of you who do not follow me over in Instagram but if you would like to follow me then click here and leave your link in the comments so myself and other people can follow you!

Sorry this is such a vague and short post but I have really wanted to share these pictures on my blog! I know that most bloggers especially beauty bloggers, love to look at beautiful flatlays so I hope this appeals to you! Let me know in the comments what your ideal/favourite theme is and if you would like me to do a post on how I edit my pictures!


Hope you enjoyed scrolling through the above pictures!



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