March Blogger Interview!!


Hey Guys!!

It’s that time of the month for another interview with another spectacular blogger! This is my way of connecting with more bloggers, having them answer my questions but sharing them with my wonderful readers so you can all get to know many other bloggers in the blogesphere that gets larger by the day!

Last month I interview the lovely Amy from HookedOnTheMusic. This months interview I have interviewed Nicola from Pink-Confetti who writes a lot of lifstyle blog posts! She has amazing content and a gorgeous blog layout with lots of pink of course so be sure to check out her blog and carry on reading to find out more about her in her answers to my questions!

1. Introduce yourself! 

Hello! I’m Nicola, I’m 27 and I live in London! And I’m a blogger over at 🙂

2. Tell me a bit about your blog?

It’s very much a lifestyle blog – I’ve tried to fit into some sort of niche before but it just doesn’t work for me! I write about life, things that I’ve been doing, places that I’ve been eating at, wishlists, and random anecdotes. Lifestyle, food and fashion posts are my most frequent topics though!

3. Are you self hosted/do you hope to be?

I am indeed.

4. Have you ever purchased a blog design? If Yes would you recommend purchasing a blog design from a company & how did you find the process of installing it onto your blog?
I had my design custom made. I’m pleased I did, as I gave all the information I wanted and got exactly what I wanted from it! I also had it installed for me but it’s been easy enough to edit.

5. What is your favourite area, beauty, fashion or lifestyle and why?

Lifestyle! They are just my favourite posts to both read and write as I like variety and getting to know a blogger. I do the occasional fashion post and enjoy reading them. Beauty I rarely care about!

6. How long have you blogged for?

My current blog was started in 2014. I blogged on and off before that!

7. What is your best blogging memory?

Can’t choose just one! Meeting some now real life friends and getting to work with one of my favourite brands 🙂

8. Where do you hope to go with your blog in the future?
Of course I’d like my blog to get bigger and I’d love to work with more brands. As I’m big into travel, I’d particularly love to work with some travel brands.

9. What is your favourite time of the year to blog in and why?
I don’t have one! Whenever I have time I suppose!

10. Who are your top 3 favourite bloggers/ 3 bloggers who inspire you?
I can’t answer that one as it changes all the time and I have SO many that I couldn’t possibly narrow it down! But if you’re really interested in my favourites, I do a weekly favourites post on my blog where you’ll be able to see all my loves each week 🙂

Thank you too the wonderful Nicola for answering my questions! It was lovely to get to know you better and I wish you the best of luck with your blog and hope you get to travel the world! I Hope those reading enjoyed this insight into Nicola and her blog, She has very engaging and intersting so be sure to check out her blog here I will also leave her social media links below!


Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think in the comments!

I will post again soon my lovely readers!


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