Blogging for a year!!


If you follow me on my other social media platforms you may know that today is my first bloggiversary! That’s right, I have been blogging for one whole year! I cannot believe that I managed to dedicate myself to something for a whole year without loosing interest or passion for it. I absolutely love blogging, if anyone were to ask me “what is one thing you have done without regretting it?” I would undoubtedly answer with “starting a blog!”. I intended to do a super special blog post but to be honest nothing I thought of was unique or special enough so I think I will just write a heart felt blog post about my blogging journey and to thank all my lovely followers and readers for the support they have given me.

Throughout my last few years of high school my YouTube obsession grew, not just for watching videos but for dreaming about creating my own content. I would come home each day, get out the laptop and head to my subscription box. I loved watching the entertaining YouTubers such as Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg and many more but I also had a significant interest in the beauty guru community. Jaclyn Hill who helped me master a smokey eye, Cioobellla (Meg) who’s makeup collection I envied! Shaaanxo, Shani Grimmond, Zoella (Zoe), SprinkleOfGlitter (Louise), Tanya Burr, Hannah Renee and many more! I would sit watching their makeup related videos and think to myself “I want to be like them”. Everyday whilst doing my makeup I would speak as if I was doing a tutorial with a camera in front of me. My makeup obsession grew and grew but starting YouTube whilst still in school was not practical for me, not only was I worried about who may find out or what they would say but also I did not want it to affect my school work as I was working towards my GCSE’s at the time.

Knowing many YouTubers had blogs I began reading a lot more of those and decided maybe being part of the blogging community would be far more practical and doable for me so that is when I decided to set up my own blog! It took me forever to come up with a name, I must say that had to be the most difficult part about setting up my blog. Once I had chose my layout and had everything set up properly I began writing my first post! It was just a small Introduction to my blog and it all began from there! Reviews, monthly favourites, outfit ideas, wishlists and many beauty related posts!

I began taking my blog over to other social media platforms, bloglovin, twitter, pinterest and YouTube! I had my own channel for a few months but eventually took it down as I just was not able to be consistent with it! I hope to start again with it in the future! I later created an Instagram account for my blog too which I have put more effort into in the past month and the results are proving positive! Twitter and Instagram have to be my favourite platforms, not just for gaining readers from but also for engaging with other bloggers and discovering wonderful blogs! I have also had amazing opportunities of working with some amazing brands and attending my first bloggers event! You can read more about how that went by clicking here, I hope to meet many more bloggers this year!

I am so glad that I decided to begin blogging, it may have been an alternative to YouTube but it is now my favourite thing to do! I cannot believe how much I have grown in just a year, just over 2.5k followers over all my social media platforms in a year! It may not seem a lot to some but it is a great achievement for me! The fact that that amount of people have seen content I have created and liked it enough to stick around, it baffles me! Thank you so much to everybody that follows and supports me! I love being a part of the blogging community, friendships in real life is something I have always struggled with, I have never had a lot of friends and those I thought I had finally created an amazing friendship with always seemed to leave me. In the blogging community this was not the case, I have made so many friends who support me and my blog, they give wonderful advice and are so lovely and kind!

I have always been happy within the blogging community. I may have had issues at the start with another blogger but that was due to their jealousy so I just left it be, apart from that I have not had any negative experiences at all with any bloggers, Twitter is my favourite place to communicate with everyone, it is like one big happy family and we all have so much in common as we share similar passions! I can tweet one small thing about feeling down and suddenly so much support and kind words come my way that are totally unexpected, I would think my tweet would go unnoticed but fellow bloggers never fail to make me feel better!

Thank you all so much, specifically Jenny who I made friends with through blogging near the start of my journey and she has been so lovely to me and so supportive not just with my blog but also in giving me advice on working towards my dream career as a makeup artist. I am so grateful to the support from every single one of my followers from all my social media platforms so again, thank you all so very much!

Here’s to another year of blogging and hopefully many more!

Until next time my lovlies!



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