January Favourites 2016

The end of the first month of 2016 is here and my has it flew by. I always mention how time has flown by so fast when it comes to doing my monthly favourites but I am pretty certain it was just the other day I was feeling super festive towards the approach to Christmas! I feel this is going to be quite a long favourites post, I like to keep them short but I have tried various new products so far this year and I did not even realize how many until I gathered together everything I have been loving this month!

My first favourite for this month has to be the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette! Just last November, Urban Decay teamed up with the wonderful Gwen Stefani to create this all time must have eye shadow palette! I purchased it at the start of the month and I have been absolutely loving it since! The shades are super pigmented and blend so easily, there are a variety of neutral shades as well as some ‘out there’ colours when you fancy something more vibrant but not too vibrant. You can find out more about why I love this eye shadow palette by clicking here!

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My next favourite is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I purchased this within the last 2 weeks of January and it has now become part of my everyday routine! I cannot believe how long I took to purchase this. I have never been a fan of drugstore mascaras as they were always pretty much the same thing in my opinion, I never had found any that really worked well for me, I was always ending up with clumped lashes that were not even very long however as my roller lash supply was coming to an end and so was my bank account balance I decided to head back to drugstore mascaras and try this out and see what the whole hype was about and I am so glad I did! The applicator has an amazing shape which really separates my eye lashes whilst making them super long. I feel like I have eye lashes again! If you, like me, are reluctant to jump onto the bandwagon I urge you, hop aboard now! You will not regret it!

Another favourite from Maybelline is their Master Sculpt Contour Palette. You can read my more detailed review by clicking here but in short it has a super pigmented bronzer but it blends so easily so it is not too intense and the highlighter is beautiful! I do wish there was more highlighter in the palette as only a small section it is highlighter! I definitely recommend this if you want a good quality but affordable contour palette!

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Collections’ Translucent Face Powder is what I have been using every single day of this month to set my foundation! It is so cheap and I have already hit pan in a small section of it so I will need to make a re-purchase soon! I ran out of powder towards then end of 2015 and needed something cheap I could pick up quickly to get me through the first week back at college and once payday came I would pick up something a little higher in price but that never happened as I actually enjoyed using this powder a lot more than I expected to! It is not the best powder ever but it does the job, sets my makeup so well and it smells nice too! I love the powder and will definitely be re-purchasing it!

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For Christmas one of the presents I received from my best friend were these beautiful earrings from H.Samuel I have worn them everyday since I got them and only ever take them out when I am getting in the shower or before going to bed in case they fall out whilst I am sleeping, I doubt they would as I have slept with earrings in before but I love these so much so I do not want to risk it. I cannot get over how gorgeous these earrings are I just love them so much!

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This Pure Blush Perfume from New Look smells absolutely gorgeous! I have worn it almost everyday this month and it is one of the perfumes I reach for the most out of the few I use! This is another present I received from my best friend for Christmas and she will probably be reading this so thank you so much for that! I absolutely love it, it smells amazing!

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Frosted Plum Bath Fizzers are a must have if you are a bath lover like me! I have always stuck to using Lush Products for baths but when I received these as a Christmas present I could not stop smelling them as they smell so lovely! As soon as I got the chance I ran myself a bath and tried them out! I thought I would need more than one but a little goes a long way as one was all I needed! It dissolves in the bath making the bath smell absolutely gorgeous which leaves my skin feeling super soft and smelling super good! I am so glad I received these as a gift as I would never have thought to try them out myself and now that I have had the chance to try them out I will definitely be re-purchasing them! I will be doing a review on these soon and the matching scented body butter so keep an eye out for that!


An app has made it into my favourites this month and that has to be Instagram! I have really up’d my Instagram this month and it has shown well through the increase in my following! I have stuck to a specific theme and ventured into the land of flatlays! I get up early on a Saturday morning, well I say early but it is usually just before mid day, in order to get the best daylight possible for my flatlays, I am super happy with my current theme although I do not want it to get repetitive as I do not have the biggest of makeup collections but I do plan to grow that which works in favour of my Instagram! Click here and give me a follow if you like a good flatlay makeup theme!

Last but not least is my final favourite which is a music favourite! Last year I listened to Twenty One Pilots a few times but I have listened to them so much more in the past month! I absolutely love their music and my current favourite by them has to be Stressed Out! I definitely recommend you check them out they make some great music!

That is my first favourites post of this month complete! It is also my first January favourites as I began blogging at the end of January last year so my first favourites were my February favourites so I just want to say thank you so much for everyone that has been reading my content, following me and leaving me lovely feedback over the past year! I don’t want to get too into the whole bloggiversary yet as I am leaving that for another post which should be coming tomorrow! So keep an eye out for it and bring a box of tissues!

Let me know in the comments one of your favourite things of January whether it was a product, an item of clothing, song or even a favourite moment!

Until next time my lovelies!



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    • Desire4Beauty says:

      I definitely think you should try it out, I thought the same but I am so glad I purchased it its amazing! & I have seen that mentioned a lot recently it looks lovely I am hoping to pick it up if I come across it in store!

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