How To: Cosy Night In!!


As we get further into the new year and back into the cycle of school, college or work we begin to forget to have some relaxation time where we can forget all our worries and just get cosy with a nice film or relax in a bath. We are too busy preoccupied with deadlines and overtime ignoring the clear levels of stress building up so in order to ensure this does not happen to you or to help yourself if you are in this situation I am collaborating with 2 lovely bloggers and we are each doing a How To: Cosy Night In blog post so you will have 3 posts full of ideas on how you can get cosy! I am going to share my secret top 5 tips on how I get cosy and forget all my troubles which I admit is not an easy thing to do!

1. Get into your comfiest clothes!

You most definitely cannot get comfy if you are not feeling comfortable in what you are wearing so I suggest you either treat yourself to a new pair of comfy pyjamas or hop into the favourite ones you already own. If you are like me you may just prefer to get into some joggers/sweatpants and an over sized t-shirt or if it is quite cold then a hoodie may be best. I also suggest popping on some bed/slipper socks as they keep your feet nice and warm and they are the most comfortable things to be wearing on your feet especially at this time of the year!

2. Light some candles!

If you are a young teen I do suggest you get your parents to do this for you or just check with them before you do it as I am 17 and my dad still doesn’t entirely approve of my candle obsession in fear that I will probably burn the house down! haha! Anyhow make sure if candles are what de-stress you then light some in your room and turn the lights off. It creates a relaxed, serene atmosphere  and makes your room smell lovely if the candles are scented! I recommend something from Yankee, Black Cherry is a lovely one and it is only around £1.50 for a small votive candle if you do not wish to invest in one of the larger candles and get more of a variety of smaller ones or Primark do some lovely candles for just 80p and they smell amazing!

3. Pick out something to watch!

Pick out a few of your favourite movies and watch a few of them. You can even continue whatever TV series you are currently watching or begin a new one, whatever you prefer! Nothing takes your mind away from your problems like focusing on watching something especially if it is something you really get into so make sure it is something you know will definitely draw you in! It could even be YouTube, I love just taking some time to catch up on daily vlogs and watch whatever is in my subscription box that appeals to me and discover new Youtubers too!

4. Get some snacks!

For the next step you can grab a few small snacks such as crisps, popcorn, sweets, chocolate or even a big tub of delicious ice cream! Alternatively you could make yourself a meal to eat whilst you watch whatever you have chosen or even order some take out! My favourite thing to make is potato waffles then I add beans and cheese on top with mayonnaise, tomato ketchup and vinegar! It may sound like a crazy combination but it is so scrumptious and flavoursome!

5. Get Cosy!!

Now you have everything prepared there is only one thing left for you to do, Get cosy! Stack up some cushions behind you on your bed and if you are not too warm then get a few blankets too and even some teddy bears! Once you are cosy you can hit the play button on whatever you have chosen to watch and dig into your selection of food! Once you have finished watching whatever you chose if you still have some time before perhaps going to sleep or taking a nap you could just chill out and browse social media whilst listening to music.

This 5 step process will help you de-stress and feel super cosy! Hope you guys enjoyed this and be sure to check out Yasmin and Hannah’s posts to find out more ways to get cosy!

I’ll post again soon lovelies!



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