Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Palette Review!

In the past year the contouring trend has become quite popular within the community of beauty lovers so that now the majority of those who wear makeup like to chizzle out their cheek bones with some bronzer and enhance them with some highlighter! It is a great way to enhance many facial features but on some levels can also change the shape of your face. It is an art in itself and one I am rather interested in!  I have tried various products, mainly contouring products such as the Bourjois bronzer and highlighter duo palette, the Makeup revolution ultra sculpt and contour kit but most recently I have been using the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Palette in the shade dark/medium and this is by far my favourite!

My issue with the Bourjois palette was that there was not much pigmentation in the bronzer and it did not blend very well. Although I love the Makeup revolution palette as it was very pigmented, it required a lot of work to blend it out in order for my face not to look like there are a pair of dark patches on each cheek so it is one that is not best for using in a everyday before college routine where I do not have a lot of time to put into doing my makeup. Recently I purchased the Maybelline Master Sculpt Palette and I have absolutely loved it, I guess I got third time lucky!

The pigmentation of the bronzer is perfect! It glides onto my cheeks so well and blends out super easily which is my favourite part as I don’t have to be too paranoid as to whether I look like I have bruised cheeks where the contour has not blended very well. The highlighter is not too glittery nor is it completely matte, I use the bronzer more often than I do the highlighter however it is an amazing highlighter and really highlights above my cheek bones very nicely giving me a nice glow to my cheeks!

The packaging is very compact and the part in which the bronzer and highlighting powder are in can be lift where below you can find a mirror and a flat contour brush. The mirror comes in super handy when I need something small to get close up to my eyes when applying eyeliner or when I need a small mirror to quickly check up and top up my makeup when out and about! I do not entirely like the flat contour brush as I feel although it picks up a lot of product and applies it perfectly along the contours of my face it is not very useful to blend out the contour which just leaves me with harsh lines and I find even if I try to grab another brush to blend it out it does not blend out as well as it would if I applied the contour with a different brush in the first place as the flat contour brush applies it in a way so that it stays well in the place you apply it.

However that is not too much of an issue as I can just use my own brushes and overall the quality of the actual product is amazing! I definitely think I will be re purchasing this if I run out but I would like to venture into the high end area of contouring products too so if you do recommend any then let me know in the comments, tweet me or comment on my Instagram post!

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and I recommend this product to anyone who has not yet tried it!



2 thoughts on “Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour Palette Review!

  1. Yana says:

    This wonderful Maybelline contour palette was delivered to me exactly today! I haven’t really tested it, but judging swatches I know I’m going to love it. Though I do agree with you that brush is absolutely pointless 🙂 x

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