Welcoming the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eye shadow palette!!

Hey guys!! So if you follow me on social media such as my twitter or Instagram you will know I have ended up with not one but 2 Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eye shadow palettes! How? I hear you ask, well… Around Christmas time I entered a giveaway to win the palette but I have entered many giveaways before and never won anything so I did not think I had much of a chance of winning, I went ahead and ordered my own palette as a treat when it came to pay day! The day on which my eye shadow palette arrived I received an email to say I had won the giveaway! I was super excited, I had to decided whether to return the palette I had ordered, get the money back and spend it on more makeup or to keep both and own 2 of the palettes but instead I have decided to gift one to my best friend! It is also her birthday next month and I am hoping to get her the Naked Smokey palette so she will own 2 Urban Decay palettes thanks to me and I am actually very excited about that!

This eye shadow palette was created from a collaboration between the singer Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay! It contains 15 gorgeous shades with a variety of many neutral shades but also some pretty jewel tones! The palette also comes with samples of 4 soon to come lipsticks that are soon to be released this year as part of the Gwen Stefani collection! I have yet to try these but included is a gorgeous nude shade ‘Ex-Girlfriend‘, a dark purple ‘Rocksteady‘, a gorgeous red ‘714‘ and a plum purple ‘Firebird‘ I am very excited to try these shades they look amazing! The palette has a magnetic seal to keep the palette closed unlike the click close such as on the Naked 3 eye shadow palette. I find this quite convenient as with the Naked 3 palette sometimes I do not seal it properly without noticing whereas with this palette it well definitely seal shut when you close it. I also love the retro style look on the lid, it is such a pretty palette which works in favour for my Instagram feed!

Moving onto the most exciting part, the eye shadows! The pigmentation firstly is absolutely amazing! Using the few that I have so far they lasted all day and didn’t begin to fade even when I had not wore eye shadow primer! The shade ‘black out’ which is the black shade is amazing to blend into the crease when you want a shadowy crease or if you want your eye shadow to fade darker into the crease which is something I love to do, I have actually done it today! I have used pop all over my lid then blended punk into the crease and corner with a small amount of blackout and I really like how it turned out! My other favourite shades so far have to be ‘baby‘ a glittery, light brown/nude shade and ‘Anaheim‘ which is more of a matte brown. Neutrals are my favourite and most used eye shadow shades but I still love the occasional pop of colour every now and then which is what makes this palette perfect for me or anyone who is like me! There is a huge variety of neutral shades both matte and with a hint of glitter but there is also a more rosy pink shade, a dark blue shade and a gold shade which are perfect for when you want to add a bit of colour and they are more likely to be used than if there was a red or green shade. The selection of shades in this palette is so ideal I know I will use every shade! They blend super easily and you can create a large variety of different looks! The palette also has a mirror inside the lid which has “MAGIC’S IN THE MAKEUP” written in the bottom corner which is too accurate!

I have swatched each shade as you can see below but bear in mind I have photographed these on an iPhone 4S which does not give them enough justice! They are far more pigmented than they look in these images!


Overall I absolutely love this eye shadow palette, If you are like me and hesitate a lot due to the price as it is £40 then if you have never made a purchase from feel unique you can order it from there for £34 rather than £40 as you get 15% off your first order and free delivery! It still is a lot for an eye shadow palette but I can ensure you it is of amazing quality and definitely worth the price, this is definitely a current favourite product of mine so hesitate no more and get ordering!

Hope you enjoyed this insight/review on this must have eye shadow palette! If you would like me to do a tutorial using some of the shades then let me know in the comments, on Instagram or tweet me!

Thanks for reading!




16 thoughts on “Welcoming the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eye shadow palette!!

  1. Leonni Ward says:

    Great post and review of the Gwen Stefani palette! I absolutely love it too!! And lucky you for having 2 but such a nice gift for someone else to enjoy too 🙂 the lipstick samples that come with it are gorgeous too, I know you’ll love them just as much as well 🙂 xx

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