My Makeup Brush Collection!


Hey guys! After a long few weeks of hardcore revision I can finally focus on blogging above everything else because my mocks are over!

Many beauty addicts have that one holder in the corner of their vanity that holds some of their most prized possessions, that’s right, Makeup brushes! Unfortunately I do not yet have a vanity/dressing table but when I move house which should be soon it will be one of the first things that goes into my new room! Although I do not have a vanity that does not mean I lack space to build up my collection of makeup brushes in fact for a while now I have been trying to build up my makeup brush collection so that I had a variety of different brushes, each from different levels on the brand/quality scale! Luckily for my birthday I received various brush collections that grew my entire brush collection massively! You may want to grab a drink or some snacks as this is going to be quite a long blog post!

Just as a little disclaimer, I do not in anyway mean to brag or boast about the brushes I own. I myself enjoy reading these types of blog posts and watching brush collection videos on YouTube so I wanted to do this post for others to enjoy in the same way and it has also been requested by a few of my lovely readers!


So, first of all is the No7 Limited Edition Brush Set. I received these as a gift for my birthday! The quality of the brushes are amazing, they are super soft and pick up the right amount of product. My favourite from this whole set has to be the foundation brush! If you have been reading my blog for a while now then you will know I have always been one to use makeup sponges, preferably beauty blenders as brushes have never really worked for me I find it takes a while to blend the foundation out however this brush is beyond amazing! It has very compact bristles and a few layers of them making it a thicker brush, it blends the foundation really well and gives my skin a lovely glow! The powder brush is amazing for covering a large area of the face at once when applying powder and the other brushes are for the eyes, they pick up eye shadow very well and the ‘smudger’ brush is wonderful at blending of course especially in the crease!



Moving onto another brush set I received as a birthday gift is this Next Makeup Brush Collection! It consists of a ‘cheeks’ brush which is great for blending out bronzer/contour very well! There is an angled eye shadow brush which works well if you want to flick out your eye shadow before going over it with a winged liner and the other eye brush is for blending, the bristles are quite compact compared to most blending brushes but I find this works very well for blending in certain areas of the eye! The other brush is for lips however I have only been using it for applying eye shadow to my inner eye corner as I find it is the perfect size for that area!


Next is the Makeup Revolution Brush Set. Firstly let me begin by saying I absolutely love the rose gold trim around these brushes it is one of my favourite colours and I absolutely adore it, it makes them so photogenic which works a treat for my Instagram feed! More importantly is the quality of the brushes, I feel over the past year Makeup Revolution have really improved in the quality of their products yet managed to keep them affordable! These brushes are super soft and blend very well! I must say I reach for the F104 powder brush from this set more than I do the No7 powder brush even though I would have expected to have had a preference for the No7 brush as they’re more high end than Makeup Revolution this was not the case!

The F105 is an angled brush perfect to get into the countours of your face when applying bronzer, it applies it precisely in the correct way and makes blending out the bronzer so much easier! The F103 Stippling brush is not my favourite of brushes but this is probably as I have not found a specific use for it yet as I wouldn’t use it to apply foundation however it does come in useful when blending out my concealer as the bristles are quite flexible to allow the concealer to cover all visible areas of under eye dark circles. The E104 brush is an angled brush, the bristles are quite compact and I think this would be great for applying gel liner which I have yet to try it for!

The E104 is a flat eye shadow brush, picks up the right amount of eye shadow and applies it easily to the lid, it is quite small but still works wonderfully! The E103 Eye Blending brush has bristles not as compact as the blending brush in the Next brush set therefore I prefer this as it covers more area when blending and blends out very nicely! All in all I absolutely love this brush set far more than I thought I would and it is super affordable so I definitely recommend you purchase these if you haven’t already but I do think they are no longer being sold, If you do manage to get your hands on some do not turn them down!



Last but not least is the Real Techniques Core Collection Brush set. In all honesty I do not like the foundation brush as I find as the bristles are compact but as it is only a thin layer it takes a while to blend my foundation well therefore I do not reach for this that often however it does do a good job of applying and blending out concealer. The detailer brush has quite a number of small but compact bristles that I find useful for applying eye shadow primer as apposed to using my fingers and also it can be good for applying concealer but as it has such a small tip it can take some time which is why I much prefer to use the foundation brush for that. The contour brush is one I really love from this set, The soft, compact bristles are wonderful at blending out bronzer and gently applying highlighting powder too! It can be used for both parts of contouring which is why I love it so much!

The buffing brush is great for buffing foundation of course which is what I will do if I feel my foundation is taking longer to blend out than usual however I often use it to apply powder directly to my under eyes to reach the areas the larger powder brushes may not have reached, ensuring my concealer sets well. I also have the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which did not come with the set but I purchased it individually, I find this can also be great for buffing foundation and often use it for various things, the bristles on this are super compact and the brushes in all of this set are very gentle on this skin and overall an amazing brush set!

I also own the 32 Piece Jazooli Brush Set which I blogged about when I first began blogging however I dislike most of the brushes in it as they are not high quality, the bristles often fall out and they are not very soft on the skin, I use the blending brush and eyeliner brushes from this set but I do not use the other brushes often as I now own the brush sets I have mentioned in this post which I much prefer using!

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hoped it has helped those of you out who are looking for some good quality brushes to invest in!

I’ll be posting again soon lovelies!






9 thoughts on “My Makeup Brush Collection!

  1. Jen | Born to Blend says:

    I’ve heard good things about No.7 brushes I really want to try them! And you already know how much I want the Makeup Revolution ones too! Real techniques are just amazing, really can’t fault them at all! Next time you need a new brush try a Morphe one they’re quite a decent price similar to RT and are such good quality!
    Jenny XXXX


    • Desire4Beauty says:

      You definitely should try the No.7 ones they’re amazing I can’t rave about them enough! Hope you manage to get your hands on the makeup rev ones! And I agree on the real techniques! I’ve actually been looking into morphe brushes because they’re raved about and they’re not too expensive either! Think I’ll look into them next thanks for the recommendation!


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