Blogmas Day 24 – On the last day of Blogmas…

I did it! I can not believe I have blogged every single day of Blogmas! I did not think I would even make it past a week, I am actually really proud of myself and it has motivated me more and made me realize what I am actually capable of so bring on 2016! As I have done blogmas I am not sure if I will post again until 2016 so rather than doing a December favourites I am going to do my 2015 favourites in this blog post in case I don’t get the chance to do them as I have mock exams after winter break that I need to begin revising for so I am going to share with you guys things I have been loving throughout 2015 that will be definitely entering 2016 with me!

Starting of with beauty products, I have had to narrow it down to my top 3 beauty products of 2015 otherwise this blog post would have been way too long!


Firstly is Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation and the Lasting Finish 25 Hour Face Powder! I began the year using rimmel london’s match perfection foundation with it’s corresponding face powder however in the past few months I have been using the Lasting Finish foundation and I must say it is one of the best foundations I have ever come across! It has amazing coverage and I am not in anyway exaggerating I would recommend this too anybody! I went to a MAC counter a few weeks ago and the lady at the counter sampled a foundation on me to help me pick one out but it was no different to the foundation I already had on which was the Lasting Finish! It definitely lasts all day and isn’t too cakey, it gives the perfect coverage and the powder sets it so well! This foundation and powder will both most definitely be entering 2016 with me!


Next is my Urban Decay Naked 3 Eye shadow Palette. I purchased this a few months ago and it has been my go to palette since! Whenever I want to go all out a bit with my eye makeup I will definitely reach for this palette and even when I want a neutral look it has the perfect shades for that too! I love the shade ‘darkside’ when it comes to a smokey eye. The eye shadows are super pigmented and last all day long! I hope to try out the other Naked eye shadow palettes in 2016 but I am certain this will remain my favourite!

My final favourite beauty product of 2016 is my No 7 Foundation Brush. I received this for my birthday just last month as part of the No 7’s Limited Edition Brush Set. As I have previously mentioned I have always been more of a sponge user rather than a brush user when it comes to applying foundations, I used the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for several months until the wear of it began to show and I became rather lazy with consistently cleaning it so I no longer use that. For a while I used the Real Techniques Foundation Brush but I found it took me around 10 minutes just to set my foundation due to how thin the brush was but now that I have the amazing foundation brush from No 7, applying foundation has never been better! It isn’t a thin brush there are several layers of bristles which I find makes it easier to set in my foundation and apply it all over my face, it also leaves a lovely finish and glow to the foundation and sets it so nicely! I could probably write an essay about how happy I am to have finally found a foundation brush I enjoy using! Definitely recommend it and the other brushes in the set are amazing too but this one stood out to me the most!

Those are my top 3 beauty products of 2015! I highly recommend any of those products they are absolutely amazing!

Moving on to more lifestyle items.


Firstly has to be my portable charger. I have mentioned this in a previous favourites but I use the Anker Portable Charger which I purchased around June/July and getting a portable charger has to be on of the best things I have ever done! I never have to restrict my phone use and can play music or browse social media as much as I want for as long as I want because I know I have my portable charger in case my phone dies! I get at least 3 full chargers out of it and only have to re-charge the power pack after 3-4 days depending on how often I use it. It takes around 5-6 hours to fully charge up the power pack but I do that over night so it is not really an issue. Many portable chargers I have heard tend to not last long or break within a short amount of time since purchasing but this charger is honestly amazing and still in top notch condition! Definitely recommend this to anybody looking for a reliable portable charger as reliability was always a reason I refrained from purchasing a portable charger because I didn’t think it would be worth it but this definitely was!

Another favourite has to be Lush Cosmetics. No products specifically but if you have been reading my blog for a while you will see that I mention Lush quite frequently in pamper routines and favourites etc. I absolutely love Lush bubble bars and bath bombs. I never used to enjoy baths due to how little time the bubbles lasted from bubble bath liquids but the number of bubbles I get from a small amount of Lush’s bubble bars is amazing! I get so many bubbles and they last so long, I love it! And the scents and pretty patterns and colours from their bath bombs are gorgeous! All in all I love most of the bath products from Lush and I definitely recommend them if you have not used any Lush products before!



Hollister Mist Spray in the scent Crescent Bay has to be another favourite. I have had this bottle since the start of the year and I still have it even though it is always in my bag! It has lasted so long. If you are like me and refrain from purchasing due to the price because you are not sure if it is worth it I can assure you now it definitely is as it smells amazing and lasts so long! I get so many compliments when I am wearing it!


In a few favourites I have mentioned a TV favourite but throughout the year out of all the TV shows I have watched my favourite has to be Pretty Little Liars, although I hate the wait many of you pretty little liars may also have to put up with I absolutely love the girls! I am still not too sure how I feel about the identity of A as I was a little disappointed but I am excited to get back into the suspense of waiting each week for a new episode in January! The trailer looks quite exciting and I am looking forward to seeing where things go so I definitely think this is a great TV show to get into if you are looking for a new show to begin watching. It does drag a little between season 4/5 but bare with it, it is worth the wait!

I shall leave my 2015 favourite products there as I don’t want to drag this on. There are a few other products that will be entering 2016 with me but these are things that have stuck out to me this year or I have stuck with throughout the year. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my blogmas posts and this is where my final favourite comes in, YOU GUYS! I wouldn’t have the motivation to put as much effort into my blog as I do without the response I get from my lovely readers, the comments you guys leave always put a smile on my face! I had around 220 followers for several months before I started blogmas but within 24 days I have gained 80+ and now have over 300 followers on wordpress which may not seem a lot to some people but means the world to me as I haven’t even been blogging for a year yet! I am so close to 1k on twitter too and I have an overall following of 2,356+ It isn’t all about numbers for me that is definitely not why I blog, i blog because I have a huge passion for it but the fact that that many people want to follow and read my blog in just almost 11 months is crazy! Thank you to everyone that engages with me and my blog! Love you all! Bring on 2016, I think this will be my year!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

I’ll be back next year guys, Love you all!

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15 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 24 – On the last day of Blogmas…

  1. Aanth says:

    Congratulations on posting everyday for Blogmas! I think once I get more established, I’ll try it out next year:D I was just going to buy the same Rimmel products yesterday but for some reason decided against it! Maybe next time I’ll get them, they look amazing! I absolutely LOVE Lush bath bombs but really hate my bath, so you can see my problem there! Hahah, great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Desire4Beauty says:

      Thank you! Good luck with your blog this was my first time doing blogmas! I definitely think you should try the Rimmel products they’re amazing! And that’s seems so unfortunate! I’d hate not to be able to use my lush products! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!xx


  2. Jasmine says:

    Congrats on doing all of blogmas, must have been challenging! The Rimmel foundation sounds extremely promising – I’ve been needing a new foundation so might try it out. The Naked palette is gorgeousss! Lush is lush and I think it’s hard to dislike it. I have the same hollister spray but haven’t used it in ages, although, you’ve influenced me to use it. Fantastic post xx

    Jasmine ||

    Liked by 1 person

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