Blogmas Day 23 – Christmas Eve Box!!


Hey guys! I can not believe how fast this month has gone, tomorrow will be my last blogmas post and I’m not sure if I will post again after that until the new year. I am quite devastated that this festive time is coming to an end as I love the atmosphere and I will definitely miss the festivity of bloggers and vloggers at this time of the year! However lets not focus on the end for now and think about the excitement of Christmas day, tomorrow is Christmas eve after all!

I have seen the idea of a ‘Christmas Eve’ box floating around social media. This is a box you create to open/use on Christmas eve including your favourite or some new pyjamas, perhaps a Christmas film, some snacks or whatever you desire! These can be created for the younger ones where you could include new pyjamas, a film, snacks, a small gift to unwrap and perhaps a short Christmas story to read to them before bed. The contents of the box can be altered to whoever is creating it or whoever you are creating it before. I have decided to share with you guys what in my opinion is the ideal Christmas eve box for a beauty blogger! Hopefully this will give you some inspiration to make Christmas eve a little more exciting!

First of all is pyjamas! Yes this box is for a blogger but I also want to keep it festive so what better than these Red Snow Chance Pyjamas Set from New Look! I love the pun on the t-shirt suiting the current season and the festive pattern on the bottoms is super cute and colourful! They look very cosy and for the bargain price of £7.50 these would be perfect in my Christmas Eve box!

With the cold weather I am always wearing bed socks around the house to keep my feet nice and warm and I think this 2 Pack Grey Boucle Slipper Socks would be perfect! You get 2 pairs, they look quite thick making them more comfy and warm and I think they would be a perfect content of a bloggers Christmas Eve box as they look super cute!

Moving onto a film, If you are a sucker for romantic movies I recommend Love Actually, as I mentioned in a recent blog post I watched this movie for the first time just the other day and I loved it! If you are more of a huge Christmas lover full of festive spirit then I definitely think you should watch Elf! It is such a funny and festive film, perfect to watch on the night of Christmas Eve!

For snacks I think small bags of ready made butterkist toffee popcorn would be perfect to snack on throughout the film with perhaps a bar of your favourite chocolate, mine would have to be a few small kinder bueno bars and then a packet of your favourite sweets, I think I would have a small packet of flying saucers! Keeping it on the festive side, some candy canes would go nicely with some Christmas themed biscuits, I’m sure you could pick up a bag from your local supermarket!

Last but not least, as this is for a beauty blogger it would be lovely to include a small gift too! Perhaps look at superdrugs’ small eye shadow palettes  or a few single eye shadows I would recommend Makeup Revolution as they do some lovely single eye shadows for just £1.00! Or you could include a single lip gloss!

Another idea to include in a Christmas Eve box for a beauty blogger would be a beauty Christmas cracker! You can find various ones from many brands but check out my Beauty Christmas Crackers’ Blog Post to find a variety of beauty crackers!

As you don’t want to include too much as you will have tons of presents to open on Christmas day I think I will leave that there however you can add as little or as many items as you want in your Christmas Eve box!

I’ll post again tomorrow guys!



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