Blogmas Day 22 -How To Get Yourself In The Christmas Mood!!


Guys!! There are 3 more days until Christmas! All over twitter I see people saying they don’t feel particularly Christmassy however I find myself to feel very festive and Christmassy and there is nothing worse than to be approaching Christmas without feeling festive so I am here to spread the Christmas joy! As much as I’m excited that it is now closer to Christmas I know many agree that it is the build up that is most exciting and once Christmas day comes there is no more build up but let’s not think about that right now! For those who are not feeling very Christmassy I have a few ways that may help get you in the festive mood and Christmas spirit!

1. Watch Christmas films!

If there is one thing that makes me feel like it is most certainly Christmas it is when all the festive films begin to pop up on various TV channels so you could browse through your TV guide and find one to watch or watch a favourite! I recommend any from my Favourite Christmas Films Blog Post or you could watch one you haven’t seen before, I watched love actually for the first time just the other day and I really enjoyed it! It will definitely leave you filmed with Christmas spirit!

2. Get a Christmas jumper!

It was Christmas Jumper day just the other and seeing many people in Christmas jumpers made me feel like it was definitely Christmas time! You could use my Christmas Jumpers Blog Post to give you some ideas or perhaps browse online, there is always a Christmas jumper suitable for how Christmassy you want to be from the traditional cringy but festive jumpers to just a plain one saying “This is my xmas jumper” on it which you can find here!

3. Do some Christmas DIY!

You could always do a bit of DIY with a friend/family member which will be filled with lots of joy and giggles! You could search DIY’s on pinterest or get baking! You could make Christmas cookies, Christmas cupcakes or get a gingerbread house decorating kit!

4. Decorate!

I am pretty sure many of you will have the traditional Christmas tree and a couple lights hung here and there but why not go all out! Drape some lights around your bed or hang even more around your living room! Get some lights outside your house too, I feel super Christmassy when I drive past houses that have the front of their house covered with lights its just super visually appealing and festive! Just be sure to switch them off at night and maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to let the bill payer find out… haha!

5. Indulge In Festive Scents!

If you are a candle lover like me then why not pick up some festive scents at this time of the year! From nice warming cinnamon scents to the sweet smell of Christmas treats! Yankee have a great range of Christmas candles I have a few myself and I definitely recommend them!

6. Watch some vlogmas videos!

I was already re-watching last years vlogmas videos before December to get me in the festive spirit so perhaps if you watch some vlogmas videos of very Christmassy youtubers their festivity might rub onto you and you will feel ready for Christmas!

I definitely recommend Zoella, her main channel and her vlogging channel have had a new video everyday of this month and she has to be the most festive person I have ever come across! Her Christmas home touches video is a great way to get inspired to make your home more Christmassy!

Eve Bennett is also another great youtuber doing vlogmas this year so go check out some of her videos too! She has a great DIY gifts video on her main channel if you’re unsure of what to gift a friend and don’t have much money to spend either!

And last but not least is Alisha Marie she is so cute, bubbly, funny and festive! You will definitely love her vlogs and her Christmas spirit is bound to make you feel like it is Christmas!

7. Read some Blogmas posts!

As well as vlogmas there is also blogmas! Many bloggers, like myself, decided to take on the task of creating a blog post everyday and sticking to a festive kinda theme! I say task but I have been really enjoying it and most bloggers do! So here are some blogs I have enjoyed reading during blogmas!

Rachel over at Fashion and Beauty Obsessed has some festive posts! From stocking filler ideas to festive makeup looks if you will definitely feel somewhat festive after reading some of her blog posts and she has a lovely blog!

Jemma over at Dork Face has also been doing blogmas and I must say I look forward to her new post each day! She has some great content, not entirely Christmassy but there are a few festive posts and a winter routine!

And the third blog I have been enjoying this blogmas is Lifestyle of Emily, owned by of course, Emily! She has blogged the majority of days this month and every single day from the 13th so far so there are a few posts for you to read and they are super festive!

Be sure to check out those 3 blogs if you would like a festive read!

8. Make a Christmas playlist!

The jolliness of Christmas music never failed to put anybody in a festive mood! I created my playlist the day after Halloween so if you would like to see that and get some inspiration then check out my Christmas Playlist Blog Post! I guarantee you will be feeling Christmassy after you listen to some Christmas tunes!

9. Visit Santa!

You are never too old to be getting excited over visiting Santa! Well I hope not anyway because I am 17 and I still get excited every time I see Santa! Perhaps you could take a little one such as family member or child of a friend or go along with a friend and their younger sibling to pay a visit to Santa’s grotto! If seeing Santa doesn’t make you feel festive then I am not sure what will!

10. Buy some presents!

A final way to feel festive is to buy some presents! Of course you buy presents for birthdays and many other occasion but Christmas present buying always has a different feel to it. There are many limited edition Christmas gift sets or Christmas packaging and you can wrap it up in Christmas themed wrapping paper and bows etc. So I am certain if you go on a Christmas shopping trip and do some gift wrapping you may feel a little bit more in the festive spirit!

I hope I have given at least one of you some ideas on how to feel more festive because, as cringy as it sounds, there is nothing I love more than spreading the Christmas joy!

Stay festive my lovely readers!




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