Blogmas Day 21 -Things To Do During Winter Break!!


Only 4 days until Christmas guys!! woohoo!! I am now near the start of my 2 weeks off from college and I cannot even begin to explain how relived I am, I feel like I can finally breathe. I do have January mock exams to revise for but there is no more 6am wake ups which were getting way too much for me!

Many, like myself, look so forward to the winter break but when it comes to it we spend the majority of it sleeping or racing through multiple seasons of a TV show in one day and then as the end of the holidays approaches you wonder to yourself why you did not do anything more productive so I have made sure that this year I make plenty of plans with various people throughout the winter break and also I have fitted in time for blogging, revising and there is no harm in fitting in a few TV shows here and there! In this post I want to share with you guys some ideas of what you can do this winter break!


1. Go ice skating!

I’m sure it is not just Manchester that have an ice rink in the town centre at this time of year! Get together some friends or family, find out where your nearest ice rink is and make a day of it! Go ice skating then you could head to Costa for a hot drink to warm up and grab some food! This is definitely one of my plans for winter break!

2. Have a best friend day!

Get together with your best friend and spend the day together! You could get round at one of your houses and do make overs on each other whilst watching Christmas films and drinking hot chocolate from cute mugs or you could go out and spend the day shopping, go for a meal or go on a local adventure to somewhere new! This is another idea I hope to do this winter break it would be so much fun and there is no better therapy than quality time with your BFF!

3. Go out and do some good deeds!

I did a blogmas post on 25 good deeds to do before Christmas so you could get some ideas from there and head on out with a sibling/family member or friend and do some good deeds! Me and my best friend plan to go and give Christmas cards to the homeless and perhaps some Greggs’ gift vouchers too!

4. Retail therapy!

Retail therapy is right up there with quality BFF time! Unfortunately many of us are pretty broke around Christmas time after spending a lot of money on other peoples presents but the Christmas break does go into the first couple of days into the new year so perhaps if you get some money on Christmas you could hit the boxing day/new years sales or a few days later if you want to avoid the rush! Even just window shopping with a friend and trying outfits on that you both know are way out of your budget but they look amazing can still be a lot of fun! You could both pick a whole outfit out for each other to try on!

5. Have a pamper day!

Grab some bath products, a face mask and some candles! I recommend Lush and Yankee but whatever you prefer will be perfect for a pamper day! Just chillout all day, relax in the bath with some candles, pop on a face mask then watch Christmas films all day or if Christmas films aren’t your thing watch your favourite films or catch up on a TV show/start a new one! Just don’t stress yourself all day and it will feel amazing! You could even find a spa nearby and head there with your best friend for a pamper session! You can see how I like to pamper myself at this time of the year in my Winter Wind Down Blogmas post! Also if you are from Manchester and visit the town centre often and need some time to yourself or chill time check out this blog post of a lovely place you could go to!

6. Get organised!

Purchase a planner for the new year, make some to do lists/goals and get organised! I feel that if I am not organized everything gets quite overwhelming for me and I stress out a lot so I find the best way is to plan ahead and be prepared! Re-organize your folders for school/college/work, Get up to date with any coursework and enter the new year stress free because you’ve been super productive!

7. Organize your wardrobe!

I am certain you all, like myself, have those pieces of clothing that live at the back of your wardrobe/draws or a few that have fell off hangers and sunk to the bottom of your wardrobe to be forever forgotten as it isn’t a favourite clothing item so the winter break is a great time to empty out your wardrobe and sort out what you need and don’t need and get everything in a certain order! A lot of my clothes tend to pile up at the end of my bed as I am too lazy to even get them on hangers and in my wardrobe so if you are like me then this is a good time to get them back in their home!

8. Tidy up your makeup collection!

No matter how big or small your makeup collection is if your an everyday makeup wearer your makeup collection will undoubtedly become a mess so lets tidy that up! To be quite honest I enjoy tidying up my makeup collection as I come across products I still need to try and pull them out from the land of the forgotten cosmetics! Get together those palettes and line up your lipsticks! This is also a good time to do the most procrastinated job ever… Clean your makeup brushes!!

9. Go to the cinema!

Head down to the cinema with the squad! There are a few good films due to come out during the winter break such as Dad VS Step dad featuring Will Ferrell who plays everybody’s’ favourite elf, Buddy!! Snoopy And Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie comes out a few days before Christmas and that looks like it is going to be rather festive! There is also the new Star Wars movie if your a star wars fan and Christmas with the Coopers looks like a must watch this Christmas so grab your friends or some family members and head down to the cinema this winter break!

10. Go to lazer quest/paint balling!

We all love a good adventure or fun filled day of action so perhaps getting together with family or friends and planning a trip to lazer quest or paint balling if you’re brave enough would make some great plans! This is another one I am hoping to do this winter break, maybe I will brave paint balling but will the bruises be worth the fun or perhaps I won’t have any and be undefeatable! Who knows?!

Get out there and have some fun, make the most of everyday as you never know which will be your last. Treat everyone like they are going to die at midnight because that way you will realize how much more there is to life and live everyday to the fullest. Some days are harder than others but there’s no sunshine without any rain!



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