Blogmas Day 20 -New&Free Cosy Place In Afflecks Palace!!

On Friday I finished college early so me and my friend Amy headed into Manchester to have an adventure round the town centre! One of the places we popped into was Afflecks’ Palace in the Northern Quarter. If you’re from Manchester and visit the town centre regularly you may be familiar with the intriguing, alternative and unique environment of Afflecks’ Palace.

After getting to the second floor Amy suggested that we venture up to the third floor which I am very glad we did! We came across a small room that looked extremely intriguing, it was full of colour, arts&crafts and not one dull area! We got talking to Joy France, Afflecks’ new creative in residence, She has been given the chance to prove to the manager of Afflecks’ Palace that what she is doing with the room is beneficial and gives those that come to Afflecks’ a better experience.

What is the room about? Well let me tell you! It is full of many donated items, from arts&crafts items to chairs, tables and shelves, the room was extremely colourful, there were amazing messages all over the walls and supportive quotes, many had drawn various pictures and there were quite a number of Dan & Phil quotes and tumblr links! Joy told us how ever since she began with this room she is now educated on Dan & Phil, Pepe memes and many more things, She has even created her own tumblr page! She explained how she is putting together a board where people can write their tumblr links and place them on the board for others to find.

Joy read a poem to Amy and I about Afflecks’ and it was amazing and then she told us another one she told someone a few weeks ago and got referred to as a “Rapping Grandma!” well I must say, Eminems’ grandma has quite some competition, not only did she have exceptional poetic skills but when she picked up her pace she had great rhythm and it did sound similar to rap! She said she had never realised her skill for poetry until 5 years ago which inspired me as I may still possess many skills I am not yet aware of!

Amy and I signed and dated our names on the walls above the entrance, I wrote my blog link and left a cute little supportive message. It honestly made my day, inspired me and restored my faith in humanity! There are still humble people out their who want to willingly help others without there having to be something in it for them. The way Joy spoke about experiences others have had in the area she has created made me realize making others happy is what makes her happy and honestly, we need more people like her in the world. I felt like I’d stepped into a parallel world, you can do almost anything in that room, write anywhere and yes that includes the ceiling! Even if you need some time alone Joy is happy to remove herself from the room for a while. She told us of an idea to create separate individual rooms around Afflecks’ Palace where individuals can go alone if they need their own space and as everything in the room had been donated I put forward the idea of her perhaps putting together a small book of poems to sell and all the donations go to the room!

From what I heard from Joy many have made new friends in this lovely area within Afflecks’ and I hope to go there more often as being there honestly made me the happiest I’ve been all week as I have had a pretty tough week. If you visit Manchester town centre I urge you to head to the third floor of Afflecks’ Palace and give Joy a visit, she is incredibly friendly and so sweet!


I’ll post again tomorrow my lovelies!



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